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  1. When it was launched, not fantastic but reasonable. It was a good iPhone for the price
  2. Ahem. Why don't you read the rest of the replies judging on the photos~ An actual photographer who does this for a living (sent and viewed on the 2019 15" MacBook Pro) Sincerely waiting for your XR shots and reply to the REST of the parts of my reply Also, I only used an Aperture 50d for the Kit-Kat shot, everything else is natural light. The rain shot is completely lights from the buildings and street light in very dark conditions, what do you have to say about that shot? The last shot is literally lit by a lightning. Literally. The leaf shot is an outdoor shot And please read and reply to the entire reply
  3. I know right. There's barely any clarity at all, the white balance seems to be at like 8000K. But if it's a SE shot, can't really complain. Pretty good for when the thing was was launched
  4. The first photo has messed up colors. Second one is incredibly noisy, third one is......of what? The fourth one lacks detain high time. This is called criticising photos not just saying the "Oh one photo is noisy so I'm going to ignore everything else" Also when are you going to reply to the rest of my points? Also waiting for the XR shots assuming those aren't a bluff
  5. I 100% agree with you. I'm not saying that the 11 Pro is bad. My girlfriend switched to the XR and it's a great phone. The entire 11 series is a great lineup from Apple. I am Mac user myself and I don't hate Apple in any way. But putting out weird, unrelated and useless arguments why the Ultra is inferior to the 11 is unbearable to me. Both are good in their own ways and I fully agree to that. I could put a better argument for the iPhone than him. Not accepting facts just pisses me off and I can't let that go
  6. Yeah. Asian countries are fairly lucky due to the exposure of a great number of devices at that range. North America lacks that heavily
  7. What part of the them do you find noisy? Only the last image which was quite literally pitch black and was lit only by a lightning, hence the purple colour, which I manage to capture. What about the rest? The leaf shot? And why don't you show your XR shots, would like to see them. And you didn't reply to the quality of the Ultra's screen and maybe didn't feel the need to go through the reviews I guess? What about the storage thing? What about the connectivity thing? What about the price thing? You seem to have missed those
  8. He wants one in North America. I'm not sure if that will be available there. Any clue?
  9. In today's market, can you really recommend a used phone for a budget of $250? That too a 5 year old one? I mean it makes sense if he was an Apple user and was tied in but I don't feel comfortable recommending that. It's also going to end support.
  10. You can go for the Nokia 7.2. It'll fall in your budget and is an overall great choice. Clean software, good cameras, decent battery and it's sufficiently powered. I honestly cannot think of any other device since you have ruled out Samsung but you could also take a look at the G Stylus
  11. Why don't you tell the budget that way I could help better. Also what are your primary requirements?
  12. What different distances? If you haven't experienced a Samsung display, why not look into the literal thousand reviews and find me one that doesn't say the the Ultra has the best screen on the market. Period What "Who?" I didn't get it sorry. First photo: S20 Ultra 256gb (so I can not have storage anxiety and bought for significantly less the an iPhone) Second photo: Note 10 (Ultrawide cropped in post) Third photo: Note 10 (Wide lens) Fourth photo: Note 10 (Ultrawide) And yes, iPhone is expensive in Japan as well, not that much but significantly, in Australia and the rest of Asia as of my knowledge. The fact that it's is expensive. In the storage thing, what kind of an argument is that 64gb is enough. You ain't paying the rent here so I should decide how much storage I need. If I'm going to but a 256gb variant 11 Pro it will cost a lot of money. That's the point. And if I was not a geek I wouldn't upgrade from the S20 in 3 years. No way. My Note 8 works fantastically still today. There are no problems. I still use every now and then. I'm not saying the iPhone is bad. But again, saying the Ultra is a worst phone is wrong. If you're going to deny that, give a good point.
  13. First, you don't see pixels based on resolution but rather on the basis of ppi (Pixel per inch). The 1080p panels are already so sharp that you won't see pixels at all. You know why Apple uses Samsung panels? Because they make the best panels in the game. Samsung also calibrates their displays excellently. You should make these comments only after having experienced it. They are so accurate to a point where I can trust it with editing my photos on. And yes the rich ones will go for the Z Flip AND the Ultra too. One phone doesn't completely fill a category, there has to be multiple devices. The Prosumers are real. I am one. People who shoot B-Roll from their phones, like Micheal Fisher, people who edit photos on phones. And yes, sometimes I do ditch the Hasselblad to take photos from my Note 10, not preferable, but I have shots from my Note 10 on my portfolio. Do you understand what tinkering means? Going into the camera and using the Pro mode, using your phone heavily throughout the day. And how does it matter why Apple prices are higher, we are the end user, we know that it's higher. It's not our fault that Samsung is cheaper in most regions of the world than Apple. Giving why Apple is expensive isn't an argument, that doesn't change the fact. I can right now get a 512gb Ultra at roughly $1219 and a 256gb Pro Max at $1995. See the difference? I don't care why it's there I care that it's there. And weren't you the one who wanted to use his phone for 3-4 years and was talking about fairness in price? Well a 64gb phone is by no means future proof especially if you take photos with your phone which you seem to have a use of. Also having 5G will come in handy in future that I said before too but you didn't address this point in your reply