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  1. Really? I found stuff like this; https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/all/sppsvcexe/746e0563-b5e1-4bc9-a802-04bd05851b6a https://ugetfix.com/ask/how-to-fix-high-cpu-usage-by-sppsvc-exe-on-windows-10/ For me it seems like the computer is always checking for lisence or something. Might do a clean install of the computer just to be sure. But anyways, is there any site that sells Windows 10 Pro keys for cheaper, thats not froud upon? Or is it better just to bite the sour apple and purchase 2x Windows 10 Pro licenses? Edit; dont know if "bite the sour apple" is a saying in english, but you get the point
  2. Hi, How is the current state of buying Windows 10 licence for cheap? I have buildt an home office system for about 500usd. It feels "wastefull" I have another PC with "activate windows", does not really bother me that much, but I get some weird spikes. i think it is casued by "sppsvc.exe" I can feel computer almost hangs when this process excutes. Seems to be about every 60 secounds or so, googled and found that it is checking windows key. I licence might fix this I think. Attached is screenshot of the resource manager, it was taken right after a "hang" sorted by % cpu usage. Any suggestions?
  3. Yeah, tested the protein veiwer. Makes ssende. Seeing the log i get after pausing and starting, my request gets timed out when asking for job. Might be an overloaded work server.
  4. Yeah its assigned. CPU: (not running, but "ready") GPU: (running)
  5. I checked the log and found this; Could it be windows defender blocking out the jobs?
  6. Why is CPU not running? Has it not found a job? Can see in local interface the following; Is there any way for me to help the cpu find work? or do i just have to wait?
  7. The computer I use now, works very well! I would not expect to get any more perforemance then what I have today for the price I am aiming at. but I really se a value going for the AMD platform seeing that its quite easy to pop in a better CPU and or GPU if we see the need later. Is the 3400G really comparable with current setup? Have tried to look at some user GPU benchmarks, but comparing an GPU with an APU seems to be a bit tricky. If the 3400G is even close to current setup, I would say thats a bargin! My main issue is then really finding a good cheap motherboard with the appropriate display outputs. Would prefer to have the same connection for both monitors, but I understand that it might be hard to find somthing like this. anyways, thank you for the repply! Much appriciated!
  8. Hi Guys/Girls! I need some help picking parts for a Home Office Computer! First post on the forum! Been a follwer of LTT for what I belive to be 4 or 5 years now. Did my first build last year from used parts I found for cheap ish local. Not really a gamer, but love technical gadets etc. Anyway, going to build a computer for a home office at my mothers house. The job she now attends is moving 2hours away, and we decided to renovate an old bedroom to make an new office. (Im hoping she could work for home office a day or two a week if emplyer accepts.) I brought home my computer so we could have a temporary setup while sourcing parts etc. Use cases for the new build; As the title goes, this is going to be an office build, and would really benfit from beeing quiet. Recently we purchased a CNC machine, and I am teaching my mother’s boyfriend how to use Fusion 360 + other software relevant for the CNC machine. (he is a carpenter; made the desk from an old used oak table.) The temporary computer is running; · 6600K processor, (Overclocked to about, not really for the performance gain, just me wanting to learn) · Asus motherboard. I bought used with the CPU, so I don’t know the model number. · Corsair 16GB ddr4 (2666mhz) · Asus GTX980TI. · Kingston, 120GB Sata SSD My plans; General requirements / wishes · Quiet · Reliable · Minimalistic · Able to use Fusion 360 Here is what I come up with this far myself; · Computer Case - Fractal Design Define Mini C Black Silent. (2x 140mm fan) Chose the case du to minimalistic design, formfactor & a low noise level. On Newegg it is listed at 70USD. In Norway, its more like 115USD converted. The computer is going to be placed on a shelf under the desk to clear some leg room. · Processor / GPU – AMD 3400G I want the computer to be as good / cheap as possible, but that it can handle some 3D. I don’t know if this APU is good enough for fusion etc. But certainly, good for office work at a very attractive price. · RAM – HyperX Fury 2666Mhz or 3000Mhz 16GB kit I know that AMD cpu`s have a rumour for needing high speed RAM. But how much improvement would I see in GPU based tasks? Worth to upgrade from 2666Mhz to 3000Mhz, difference in same make seems to be aprox 30-40 USD of the cheapest make sold here. · Motherboard – Here im quite lost, seeing im looking into using an APU + dual monitor. I am looking for something with 2x displayports preferably. · Storage – Kingston 240GB Sata SSD. For the use that this is going to see, it does not need a crazy fast storage device or loads of storage. Everything that takes space uses only storage. · Powersupply – Not really looked into it; Sort by price ; Lowest first… hehe. 400W or more. Norwegian stores does not have no-name brand powersupplies anyways. · Monitor - Samsung C27R500F 27" curved monitor Its no need for high refresh rate or other gamer type comforts. Higher resulotion would be nice, but that bumps up the price about 1.5 times it seems like. · Monitor arm – Only dual arms I have found is for mounting on the desk, that could work, but I would prefer to being able to screw into the wall. · Peripherals – My mother will pick out what she likes herself (she uses a rollermouse). I will keep a cheap keyboard + mouse for when I might use it. TL;DR:Tips for building a home office computer for my mother that also can run Fusion 360. I have also atthed some photos of how it looks at the moment. The red lights on motherboard we find quite tacky... hehe Thanks for any/all feedback! Very much appriciated.