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  1. I found the same laptop in the link with the 4500u but for 50$ less very stupid.
  2. Hey guys I need to buy a laptop for school. Best to buy form amazon, since my country is expensive. I have a budget of around 600$, if there is a really good option for 700$ I might spend the extra but in generel, the lower the better - if there's something for 500 I would love to get it. It's for school, most important things: Needs to be lightweight and have a quad core or better since I just can't with dual cores anymore. size around 13' to 16' is whats good for me, I saw this: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B086KKKT15/?tag=geekcopter-20 And like, 4700U for this price? I though i have to get it, but I read some bad reviews actually, anyway, if for 700 you can get 8 cores I believe there's a good quad core for 500 - 600 Oh and battery life maybe the most important factor. It has to go through a day of school. Most laptops today would be just fine but just making sure (And if there is extra battery life I am willing to pay extra) Ofcors - decent keyboard but every laptop is fine usually Anyway, I am waiting for respones, Thanks a lot
  3. it's not dusty, the hard part is the "open it up" look, opening a laptop is not that easy and I have never done that.. that's not that easy.
  4. so I truly believe that if your intention is not an high end laptop\gaming laptop something from ebay would be SO MUCH BETTER. look if you can't deal with talkng to the seller and just clueless, buy a new one then. if you can, you will have a much much much greater laptop or the same exprience in a much much much much lower price. even if it's not perfect I am watching an ltt video about budget 200$ laptops and the whole video I am just thinking about that it's so stupid to buy that, just buy a used one from ebay and deal with a new battery or something
  5. To be clear, the laptop works fine. it is not noisy, and it's also not that hot. I just feel like It can be colder. the battery is not that good but 1 - 1.5 hours of writing time is fine for school. for 120$? u kidding mate? it's about what you would get from a new 400$ I am a few months with it and had no problems, it's just that I am going a little over lol. to be honest it won't disturb anyone else, It is almost silent and no one else would be annoyed by that 55c if the laptop was like my friend's instead he would not monitor the cpu temp ya know (well the normal person would be aware to the screen problem but I love it when it happens, why? becuase it's either the laptop would come as it should, or you would get an overkill refund or even for free like me. that's such a good deal. I think with a new battery from ebay or something this laptop would be giving you an exprience like something 6X it's price. so why the frick would you buy something new?
  6. Hi, I own an HP 840 g1 I got from ebay. (for like 120$) (Best specs you can choose) If we are here already, why would people buy a new 200$ laptop with 4gb of ram when they can get a used premium device that still works fine for half? like - I feel like it's a secret that ebay is 100000% better for someone on a budget but I came here to ask, 1. should I replace my laptop's thermal paste? Using HP website I found out the laptop's warranty started in 2015, and ended in 2018. means that it probably worked at least like 3. The laptop is not really noisy or something but The temps I see are not so low, like 40-60 easily doing basic stuff. (and this is with the amd gpu hard disabled cuze its for school) I am 15 and about half a year in the pc stuff, I feel like I can easily repair a pc but a laptop is something else. Is it worth taking a risk and screwing out the heatsink and putting new thermal paste? (I have some corsair thermal paste 30G or something, its fine) also, the thermal paste fits just fine for the gpu and for the cpu in my laptop right? just put a little like a rice right? just making sure lol. 2. Is my battery a piece of crap or is my battery life 1 - 1.5 hours because of something else? any chance replacing the thremal paste will help with that? 3. the laptop arrived with a damaged screen btw, talked to ebay, got the laptop for free, in my country it costs 150$ to replace a screen so.. no. my dad went to somewhere he knows and picked up, he says, just what I had in my laptop before. for like 60 dollars and changed it himself. it is used, and it has manyyy white annoying white marks that my dad didn't see but what I am the most mad about is that the screen justs looks crap. very bad colors and viewing angle and everything is just bad. how can I check if this screen isn't a cheap china product? (without taking apart) Thanks!
  7. And still somehow my laptop has maybe 1 hour of battery and if using the amd gpu it has the battery is going down like SPEED 5 minutes. Don't feel like it helps too much lol.
  8. just edited the post, take a look please. yes there is an additional slot.
  9. Hello there! I have the laptop HP NOTEBOOK ELITEBOOK 840 g1 https://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c03961746 (u can read about the memory a little down there in the page) In my laptop I have one samsung 1600mhz 8gb, but I think I might get more performance from dual channel, I have many sticks around but what I have in my hands now are those: The ram that came with the laptop: The 2 ram sticks I also have: I also have a 2gb 1333 that I tried putting together with the ram I had already but I got a bios error. (I'd love to learn why did it happen) maybe the laptop only accepts identical ram sticks? I guess I will put the 2 identical ram sticks cuze they are for sure, comptible and good dual channel is probably the best even if it is a little slow. anyway, should I put one of the 4 gb with the 8 or the two 4gb together? (8gb is enough for now) I just wanna place minecraft in class u know and the laptop does feel slow sometimes, I just need the best performence.
  10. Maybe. right now I'm still checking what is my pc worth today. also waiting for more comments, but I won't forget you. Don't worry. I will talk to you after I will understand more, because a few people calls it a "legendery overclock motherboard" So, I'm waiting right now. but it is possbile so I will be in touch with you.
  11. I have no idea at all. I tried looking for a price it is begin sell for and I found one page that says 500 USD and coulden't find any more. that's also the reason I opened this post. you can suggest mate.
  12. Hello! I have my old pc, It's packing an old school 1366 X58A-OC Motherboard and an i7-975 Extreme Edition. (I think the cooler is a stock cooler but it is preety massive.) 16gb DDR3 ram, a huge Thermaltake case besides that, I have an rx 570 and a few TBs of hdd's my question is: I'm dieing to buy new parts and to build my new pc finally. I didn't think of it until now but maybe my build is so old and maybe rare that it might be worth some money? maybe even alot? It is BEAST cpu. still preety fine today and I belive it was a super high-end cpu back then. and the motherboard, it is really massive and big. a very serious overclock motherboard. So should I sell it? how much for? where? and if its the wrong place to open my post please tell me where should I. oh and btw the cpu was never overclocked! Thanks !