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  1. i know i can't use the same ram , i will be changing the whole motherboard with ddr4 rams and the gtx 1660super the only old thing would be the cpu , that's why i asked about the bottleneck , and the reason i'm upgrading to 7700 is the budget, can't upgrade to higher , and i heard it's perfect match with the gpu and everything in my new upgraded pc , thanks for replying , it was great help , so you see that i don't change the cpu? wouldn't it make difference ?
  2. I wanna ask about something, i have an intel core i7-4770 and I'm getting a gpu gtx 1660 super, i have 16gb ddr4 ram, will my cpu bottleneck badly or is it ok? I will be upgrading my cpu to core i7-7700 but I'm asking bout now till i upgrade it, will it be a bad combination for my current cpu and the gpu I'm getting? If so how badly will it act? Thanks guys.