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  1. I'll see if I can clear CMOS. When I try to boot into bios, my monitor only turns on when I'm going straight to "Signing in as Administrator" and if I try to press F8 or del, my screen just stays black. Update: I managed to clear CMOS but when I put in the second stick, I just get an endless reboot. I also noticed the motherboard’s LED doesn’t turn on at all when I put in the second stick. I don’t wanna say this is it, but I’m starting to believe my DIM2 is defective or something.
  2. I just get a black screen if I try to put both sticks in. I'm pretty sure I locked my BIOS to only use 8GB of ram because I didn't have 16GB before. I'll try your method right now and will reply asap. Edit: Just tried your method and nothing happens. Black screen and nothing else.
  3. It boots with the new stick. And my motherboard only has 2 slots. I think I’ve somehow not allowed my computer to use more than 8gb maybe in windows or the bios. I only have access to windows though at the moment, the bios keeps getting skipped.
  4. My desktop doesn’t boot if I put in a second 8gb ram stick in it. When I try to boot into my bios, I get a black screen and get sent straight to the desktop. If I try to press F8 or Delete, nothing happens and I just get a black screen again. I’ve tried turning off fast boot in power settings. Specs: EVGA GTX 1650 4GB Biostar X370GTN Ryzen 5 2400G OLOy 16GB 3000mhz (2x8) Western Digital 1TB Hdd Western Digital 250GB Ssd Silverstone 450W Psu