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  1. Yeah, that's basically what I'm getting at. Ryzen 9 is outside my budget at the moment, so I was mostly wondering if it's even worth upgrading. Nothing seems to be choking out at 100%, and my thermals are decent considering I'm just using the stock cooler (doesn't usually get above 80 degrees on the CPU). I may upgrade anyway at some point, just as an excuse to throw the old parts from my current PC into my kids' computer, which is running a Phenom ii x6 (yes, I know I'd need a motherboard too...but it's a kids' computer, any cheap am4 board will do.) Thanks for your input!
  2. Hey, I am currently running a Ryzen 7 2700x on an MSI x470 with a GTX 1050 ti and 32GB of RAM. I was considering upgrading the graphics card, as it's a bit of a low end card to have paired with what was (at the time) one of the higher end CPUs, but after looking at CPU and GPU usage when rendering a video (my primary use case - in Premiere Pro), I noticed that my CPU was hovering around 85-95%, while my GPU was usually around 15%, with occasional spikes up to 90-100%. I take it this means that my CPU is the bottleneck point in the system? Does it make sense to upgrade to a Ryzen 7 3700x before doing anything with the graphics card?