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  1. Well I've since changed to an ASUS X570 Crosshair VIII (WiFi) w/ an 3950x and I don't seem to have the issue previously mentioned, Seems it was potentially the drivers/motherboard... I'll come back in a week after trying to agitate the issue more in real world use and update my status on the matter.
  2. I'll look into it a little later or at another time, I'll respond after said events take place.
  3. I should mention I've tried removing keyboards, mice, peripherals.. anything and everything.
  4. Asrock X99 ~ ASRock Fatal1ty Gaming "X99X" (ATX ~ X99 ~ 2011v3) https://www.newegg.ca/asrock-fatal1ty-gaming-fatal1ty-x99x-killer/p/N82E16813157540?Item=N82E16813157540 ~ This is the exact board linked from my official order from back on the old purchase date. Running I7 5820K I've read others having the issue in windows, but not really anything definitive as to a proper fix.. sucks because as much of a legacy port as Optical is it is very helpful when it's needed.
  5. For the love of all that is holy, I have tried and tried to figure out how to fix this issue. I no longer know where to turn to so I figured I'd ask on here, where maybe I can find someone who can shed some light on this issue. Basically Windows gets borderline unstable with Optical Audio.. it's usually fine for hours, days, weeks.. months..... unless.. unless you make the mistake of hitting "Mute".. windows will mute it, and unmute, if you unmute the master it'll only unmute half of everything, it'll start erratically muting and unmuting applications and go completely nuts. I have no idea how to fix this situation, it drives me nuts. Once aggravated the issue can go on for days.. after some hours it might settle down but it becomes hard to fix. You can change devices, plug in different devices and go back to optical, restart windows sometimes, delete and reinstall drivers. IT'LL STILL DO IT... it's awful..