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  1. I installed ParrotOs on a VM and anything down to the smallest tasks max out the CPU usage. My pc itself is only at about 8% while the VM is at 100%. I've given it more cores and nothing changed I have virtualization turned on in the bios, tried more cores, more ram, reinstalled the VM, but nothing seems to make a difference Specs: Ryzen 9 3900X RTX 2070 Super 32gb ram This should easily run VMs with no problem, not really sure what's going on as I've ran the same VM on an old laptop with no issues
  2. So, I finished my first build the other day, but I'm having trouble syncing the cases rgb(fans and strips) with the mobo. The case(Gamdias Talos P1A) says it supports it, and I have the hub on the case hooked up to the jrainbow connector on the board yet nothing is showing up in Mystic Light. The mobo is an MSI x570 gaming edge wifi. Any help would be appreciated!
  3. I put slight pressure on the lock and it clicked closed, so maybe just a stubborn lock? lol but I plugged it all up and it posted fine, so I'm guessing everything should be okay. Thanks for the help everyone! ?
  4. Yeah, it slides past the mobo, I actually wasn't aware of the holes on the other side(thanks for pointing that out) but it seems that they're also in place. Not sure exactly what's stopping this from clicking in ? does it look unlocked in the pic?
  5. Started my first build, but I'm having trouble with the gpu. It doesnt want to click into place, everything seems to be seated correctly and it slid in, but it doesnt click in and I'm able to just pull it back out I uploaded a pic to show what I'm looking at lol it looks like it's in, but I can't tell if the lock is engaged. I shouldn't be able to just pull it out right? Mobo: msi x570 gaming edge wifi GPU: msi rtx 2070 super Case: gamdias talos p1a
  6. Oh okay, the case has both HDD LED and the LED SW. Do I leave it disconnected since it's not supported? Or would plugging it into HDD LED work?
  7. So I'm attempting my first build and finally got to plugging everything in, but I'm having trouble with wiring my case to the mobo. I have everything wired up except an LED SW which I can't seem to find in the mobo manual, or the case manual(very lacking on info). I have an MSI x570 gaming edge wifi, and the case is Gamdias Talos P1A. I know the case has a switch for the rgb, so I'm assuming that's what it is, but I'm not sure where it plugs into.