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  1. 300 isnt bad for that board, i paid between 200-500 for my ones, and did just see one go for £2k in germany
  2. Make sure it boots and has no issues, like pcie lanes not showing up or a cpu socket wont work
  3. Had a powercut and wont post anymore, gets stuck on code 2A or 2E with a constant beep
  4. Good luck, have had some issues with virtulization issues with an sr-2 before but never got it to work before the board died
  5. Well the issue still remains, I have sent it to a pc repair shop to see if they can find anything
  6. @TofuHaroto So i found a 960 and installed it and the dp ports worked fine , gonna try and reinstall the 1080ti now
  7. Okay thanks for the help gonna try this now, will report back if i find anything
  8. just gonna reinstall drivers one more time, as it sounds like a software issue
  9. i think i have one somewhere but dont know if its at my house or in storage
  10. ive googles a bit and noticed some people are saying i need to upate the uefi but not sure how i can do that when i have a legacy bios, i might take my pc to the repair shop sometime this week as ive got 2 sr-2 motherboards needing to be fixed/diagnosed
  11. i could try but i doubt that i could
  12. i sadly dont really have any modern systems the next newest is a sr-2 that is use currently
  13. Okay that did not work still wont boot with the displayport but it didnt flicker during the start up for the bios
  14. have not used it yet but will give it a shot just incase
  15. this is the cd i got with the monitors