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  1. Hi all ! I am looking to spend about £700 / $700 on 2 new monitors. I plan on using one to play my games on and one as just a secondary monitor. I would much rather have a better colour depth and screen resolution then super high refresh rate. 24" and they dont have to be the same model just same res anyone got any suggestions?
  2. Im using a one plus 7 pro and its great. I know you said you dont want any moving parts but they are bringing out a new one soon which I think is going back to the notch style.
  3. Have been using various iterations for the R.A.T from madcatz and have loved it however I think its time to change it up. I really like how comfortable it is to hold and am looking for something with the same high level of comfort (and wireless). Due to me buying the same mouse for about 6 years I am massively out of the loop any recommendations would be sweet THANK YOU!!!