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  1. Oh, she edits videos? Macbook's are good for video editing and music production.
  2. Big oof. Those things are basically Chromebooks with extra software at this point
  3. I think it's mostly cause of what she has right now, the idea of an upgrade has her excited... she has this: https://www.newegg.com/satin-black-in-trax-horizon-toshiba-c55t-a5123-everyday-value/p/N82E16834216814?item=9SIA0AJ2314432&source=region&nm_mc=knc-googlemkp-pc&cm_mmc=knc-googlemkp-pc-_-pla-action+packaged+inc.-_-notebooks-_-9SIA0AJ2314432&gclid=Cj0KCQiAkePyBRCEARIsAMy5Scu_tY3xgg-UH_3d-UuCJr2P2DXe5rrPLpv4JVK_FnFEJ0B2H5ab_LEaAnUeEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds Yeah, I know, how cruel of me for letting her try to GAME on that thing... Lmao
  4. Also, I'll definately post a build log. I was gonna ask if anyone wanted to see once I get it started, but yeah. And coming back from talking to my partner. apparently I'm in trouble because she read this and I have to make hers IDENTICAL lolol
  5. Yeah, I probably should have clarified that before hand. I notice people tend to be more... what's the word... Descriptive when I start off with that though so I usually wait until I have to correct someone so I don't feel like I'm having my hand held lol
  6. Like I said, don't worry. I get it ALLL the time posting on forums like this. And people are usually very surprised when I tell them lol
  7. Not to be that one but *she don't worry, I get it a lot more than you think. Being that I'm into building computers
  8. I'm going to do somewhat of a composite being that I'll be keeping the SSD/HDD from my current rig, I don't need storage. Then I'm gonna put a 500GB HDD in my current and sell it to buy the rest on a mixture of your list and GDRRiley's (basically the best of each) and I'm not exactly comfortable with installing liquid cooling yet, so there's that. Basically, all of my experience comes from frankenstein'ing my past PC's together into what I have now.
  9. Would it be possible to keep the same parts as the first one you listed but use prime P?
  10. That's a really great build and I might go with it for my second build (for my partner). She's not getting a PC as good as mine lol For this one though, I'm gonna go with GDRRiley's. Thank you again for the suggestion, I'm sure she'll love it. (She's probably gonna mainly use it for SecondLife and Siege so I'm not worried she'll think I'm blowing her off.)
  11. I'm gonna keep my 144Hz screen, current mouse/keyboard, and Windows 10 of course.
  12. USA... $1,500-$2,500 US... and just about anything better than mid-high tier. I'm not looking for a super computer just the best I just need to out perform your average gaming PC.
  13. Like I said, I'm doing my first build. I've seen plenty of videos so I definitely understand the 'how' but my main problem is the 'what' I guess. Since I've never really done this I have no clue where to start with buying parts. If anyone has a buy or part list for me that would be great. This goes without saying but I'm starting from scratch, so that means I'm gonna need a motherboard/case, etc... Thanks ahead of time to anyone who responded! (Edit:) I ALMOST FORGOT, I'm trying to build a gaming desktop. not exactly state of the art but I need it to be formidable. If anyone wants I can clarify precise specs that I'd prefer.