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  1. I will check CrystalDiskMark, there is no Data on the disk Yes, I have the drive in one piece , also I did a slow formatting for the entire disk (it took more than 24 Hours), same result I am wondering if this a sector failure issue, I will check also
  2. Hello folks I have 500GB HDD, I used it about 3-4 years but when I noticed the following problem I took it out and kept it in a safe place (about 4 years from now) until I decided to let the HDD take another chance today (God Plans), The problem: I can get full constant write speed of 160MB/S but the read speed is very slow it starts from 300 KB/S to 10-12 MB/S for a couple of seconds and it goes higher up to 30 MB/S then it drops again to 200 KB/S and so on, How to troubleshoot this problem, any chance to let the HDD live again ?
  3. Thanks all! a Router with multi-WAN support and Load Balancing support is a cool solution
  4. I have two internet sources, every source have its own router, how I can merge the two routers together by maybe a third router or a networking device (not by using a software on Windows or etc..)? I am looking for a higher internet connection yeah, I want the two routers to act like one, any tips/help ? Recently our ISP enabled internet packages system per month, from Unlimited data @ 8Mbps (in my case) to 175GB per month @ 8Mbps , if the 175GB run out , the speed drops to 1Mbps until the new month, a pain in the a** So merging two 4Mbps gives total of 280 GB, I know my ISP is stupid enough to do this very limited data packages in 2020, this the case now, some help will help