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    Ryzen 7 2700x
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    MSI B450 Pro carbon ac
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    Corsair Vengeance lpx 3200
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    Zotac Amp 1080ti
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    Phanteks P300

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  1. As they said, in the boot menu
  2. The funny thing is, the br is definitely bad, and defending your liking for it simply by saying "its evga" doesnt at all apply to the psu world or even hardware in general. But to answer your question, yes myself and mostly anyone here knows of evga (obviously). And on that note, most anyone here will also back up that the br is indeed bad.
  3. Looking at the circumstances, I would be shocked if everything got off scott clean after that. You can check the warranty on the other parts that are effected or contact the manufacturer for details or instructions on what to do. Sorry this happened, but there isn't a whole lot I can conclude from the pictures to determine what the cause could be or anything along those lines.
  4. 500w is a fine wattage for many builds. If i can ask what model exactly... depending on that it could be worth it to upgrade, not because of wattage, but due to the quality of the unit you may have.
  5. If you have another gpu or even an apu to run off of, that would be a great start to help isolate the issue and see if its the gpu or if another issue lies elsewhere.
  6. I've had some run ins with Zotac customer service, and one thing is that the emails were relatively quick to respond and phone calls were easy to get issues sorted out. Just be patient and let them do their thing.
  7. It could run it, but its a matter of if you should. As a few have already said, assuming its the n1, it's definitely not recommended and may be worth an upgrade for the longevity and especially if you're planning on various future upgrades.
  8. There are multiple options to look at... personally I would look at the p300a, p400a, nr600, meshify c ($5 over)... there are plenty of options and many of them will work well, those were just the few that popped into mind.
  9. Not exactly a trick, just make sure its the right way and it may take a bit of force