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  1. I had someone come over and we tried. He even brought his test bench. There was not boot. The gpu fans did not run, the CPU stock cooler didn't run. We tested on a x570 mobo
  2. Had someone come over with 2 different Power supplies, and sadly it is the whole system entirely. I really want to cry ngl. It hurts to see all my money gone. We even tried switching the motherboard, we tried with a gigabyte ab350m ds3h and nothing. To conclude, CPU dead, GPU dead, Mobo dead. Not sure about ram and her, but this torn me apart. All my main components dead.
  3. Ryzen 3 2200g (garbage I know) RX 570 8gb, 8gb Patriot Signature @2993mhz (overclock) cooler master 500w PSU, 1tb wd blue hdd, msi x470 gaming plus, case is thermaltake j21 versa I believe.
  4. It is a cooler master 500w. It was given to me by someone. It worked fine until just today.
  5. When I built it, the PSU did not have a 8 pin, had to buy an adapter. Also, the PC does nothing when I hit the power button. Everything was working till now.
  6. You are correct, but I never had a problem with that.
  7. Hi there, today as of February 27th, my gaming computer has given up. It was a good whole two years and a quarter that I had my first personal PC. When I first got my job, to the moment I got my parts, it made me feel great. Coming from console, I was genuinely a lot more happier than what I usually express. Her name was Black Red Sun, and now she is gone. As thought it was not truly a beast of a computer, I was still able to play the games I enjoyed the most. I was confused on why it would not turn on and I checked the whole PC. I troubleshooted all my components and to no avail. I am literally tearing up as I type this because I spent so much time and hard work to be able to get my own. She was first built back on November 13th of 2018. I tried all I could, even switching out the battery from the motherboard and nothing. I only wished that it was messing with me. I don't really know what else I can do now and since I have not income, there is nothing to do for it. I am hoping off the PC group and just leave it at that. May Black Red Sun rest.