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  1. Well, in that case that cooler doesn't show the socket listed.
  2. Ah great, thanks very much. Yeah I'll be trying to overclock with it. All I need to know is what makes a CPU Air Fan Cooler Compatible with the motherboard and cpu. That's all I want to know.
  3. So you just look for the AM4 Compatibility Factor and The dimensions to then see if overhangs any parts. Okay.
  4. Okay so what I'm looking for is just a Red'n'black RGB CPU fan air cooler. I know about overhang and blocking off different parts of the motherboard and components. But what is the main thing / filter of compatibility to look for when choosing a CPU Air Fan cooler. Could you find me one? It would also be much appreciated.
  5. Thanks for your response! So are you saying that it's all up to my willingness to pay? If so, I don't mind, I'm just looking to know what makes a CPU Fan Air Cooler compatible with a cpu. Are you also saying that if it fits it sits? IF so, then I think I'm good.
  6. Thanks for your reply! I would use a Dark rock Pro 4 but I just really like the look of these coolers.
  7. Hello, I am trying to figure out how I can pick the right CPU Fan cooler for my future build. I'm going to use an Aorus Xtreme x570 and a Ryzen 3950x. The current problem I'm facing is I need to find the right cooler. I have little to no idea how to do so. I've heard you need to find out how much TDP the cpu has and find the right fan that goes up to that blah blah, I really don't know. The fan I'm looking to use is a Cooler Master Master MA620M ARGB. If someone could please tell me if this is a good one to use, if it's compatible, or if I'm over exaggerating cpu coolers as they seem to be quite compatible with most mother boards, I'll be most grateful. https://www.techinn.com/en/cooler-master-master-ma620m-argb/137476715/p?utm_source=google_products&utm_medium=merchant&id_producte=10349665&country=nz&gclid=CjwKCAiA7t3yBRADEiwA4GFlIy9sqi6o2QA07fraKD30jZ8NzyrPkTa5Lv7DoqLN-B7_heTjNMPPtxoCWWYQAvD_BwE Thanks!
  8. Uh.... But it does support E-ATX and you can remove the top parts of the case to allow more airflow, and I believe the front. Yes, you can remove parts from the front to allow even more airfow.
  9. Cooler Master Master Case MC500MT ***
  10. Hi, thanks for you message. I should've said the case does support E-ATX and below, it's the Cooler Master Maker Case 5 Mc500mt. Thanks!
  11. Hi, I'm fresh new here. Just a quick question, can E-ATX motherboards fit into a Mid Tower (Cooler Master mt500mt) but also generally fit into a Mid Tower Case? Forgive this question being put into the wrong place. Thanks.