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  1. Hello guys: This forum is now solved (sorry for annoying you guys). I bought a Devolo Magic 2 LAN Powerline Adapter. The room of the modem and the room of my setup are on two different circuits, however I still have 0 - 10 Ping in Fortnite Creative. Lately, it has been a bit higher, due to the COVID-19 outbreak. I use Fortnite as a benchmark, because speedtest.net results aren't reliable, when it comes to real-world performance. Anyhow, powerline adapters can be a hit or miss, it worked for me. Just wanted to send some word to you guys, stay healthy and take care, yrs, Aurosis
  2. My modem is connected to a shitty adapter. Adapters add latency, but I think I'll have to plug it into the right side (with hole) as seen from the picture.
  3. Thanks for the good message. I am a PC nerd, I know a lot about PC's and technology and even interior design. However, my biggest weakness was always "networking and internet". I do understand a lot now, not as much as you, because you are the networking GOAT, but I know something. I just want to do it myself, I take great satisfaction in doing things by myself. I understand everything now... I was just curious if I should plug it into the left side or into the right side. See these two cables. https://www.digitec.ch/en/s1/product/hama-f-stecker-auf-koax-stecker-3m-90db-satellite-cable-antenna-satellite-cables-5653550 https://www.digitec.ch/en/s1/product/hama-anschlusskabel-f-stecker-koax-stecker-grosser-schraubkopf-3m-90db-satellite-cable-antenna-satel-5653544 They are both the same. The both have a F-Plug (which goes into my modem) and they have a coaxial-plug (one is male and the other is female). If I buy the first one, I'll have to plug it into the right. If I buy the second one, I'll have to plug it into the left. I was just curious if it makes a difference, where I plug it in.
  4. My last thing I need to do is to look for the right antenna cable. See the image? Left is a plug in the middle, on the right there is a hole in the middle. My Modem has a F-Plug... So... Modem —> F-Plug —> Wall —> now into the left side or into the right side? Do they work the same, or are there differences between the two?
  5. Telephone Nr. 1 is connected to the modem. It receives data and works. Telephone Nr. 2 is the exact same model from Panasonic. According to Panasonic: You connect the telephone that's connected to the modem with the second telephone which is only powered by a power cable. You connect them with DECT, radio, wireless, bluetooth, whatever you wanna call it. You merge them into one. You know? Panasonic said it should work.
  6. This is my conclusion after endless research. This is what I am gonna do: On the third floor = Modem connected to wall. Buy a second landline telephone and connect it with the modem. One telephone on top and one in the living room. They both will be connected to each other with DECT, so if someone calls, both telephones will ring. Then I'll use a 25 meter Cat 6, Cat 7, or Cat 8.1 cable (probably Cat 8.1 to feed my ego a little) from my modem to my setup. Telephone: Check Low Ping: Check Now, however... my mom can't watch Netflix in the living room, and my sister can't feed her crippling YouTube addiction. So... for that I'll buy a Netgear AX8 Mesh Extender, and put that up in the living room. It will use the same network-name as the modem, so your device won't have to switch networks, every time you go upstairs. Telephone: Check Low Ping: Check Working TV and Internet in the living room: Check "That's it. Wish me luck. Nothing can stop me now." Donut417 and Caennanu: "Hold my ethernet cable."
  7. Let's say for the sake of argument i get on average a ping of 30, while using the router my ISP provided. Do you think gaming routers can reduce that 30 ping to maybe 15, or even less? Or are gaming routers a gimmick and just a marketing strategy? Let's take the Netgear Nighthawk XR700, do you think this router can reduce my ping (ms)? If so, do you think it can go from 30 to 0 ping? I know... very vague, and hard to answer question. Location for example also plays a role, but I think ISP Routers are kinda shitty.
  8. I plugged in two lamps (one in the living room) and (one in my room). I turned off 1 circuit, and the lamp in the living room was still on and the lamp in my room turned off. No Powerline for me. When comparing 1Gbits Internet and 600Mbits Internet... Does having 1Gbit Internet give me better ping than 600Mbits or has that nothing to do with ping?
  9. If the powerlines ARE NOT on the same breaker, does the connection not work at all, or is it just constrained and slower?
  10. Everybody has good internet, and there is me handicapped by one limitation after the other. Goddamn it! I hate to break it to you, but... I will try a powerline adapter from Devolo and see how it works, if it performs badly, I will send it back. I want the modem and router on the third floor, but my mom is super old-school and still uses a conventional telephone network (landline). I can't run a 40 meter telephone cable, through the entire house and I don't see an alternative. I think, you should always go with the times and adapt, ever changing, ever-evolving. However... I also understand, that you should accept past-protocol and accept that people want the smell of the past be kept alive, but... USE YOUR GODDAMN MOBILE PHONE. It's shiny, it's awesome. I don't get it... o.k., enough ranting. You said: "Powerlines work, if the plug connections are on the same breaker." — Caennanu, 2020 How should I go about figuring out, if the connections are on the same breaker?
  11. I have new problem. I contacted my internet provider and asked them if they could send me a second modem (so I can install my Netgear router). They couldn't send a second modem my way. I didn't care much, because I am going to upgrade my internet connection to 1Gbit, and when you upgrade to 1Gbit you will get a new modem as part of the deal. So, once I upgrade to 1Gbit, I will have two modems, one can be installed in my living room, and the other one on the third floor (where my Netgear router is). BUT... they said, once I receive my new modem, they will "disable" the old modem so I can't use it anymore. That to me sounds like total bullshit, how do you wanna "disable" a modem? Can they disable my old modem, or is this a scam, to get me to buy two internet subscriptions?
  12. YES ITS A THING. I think it is socrates who said: "When in doubt, buy CAT 8.1." – Socrates, 375 BC
  13. I assume fibre optic cables are inside the walls? I think it's not worth it, for my current situation. I also play on a PS4 until the 3000 Series comes out. Maybe a lil 3080 Ti, eh? I think I buy a 25 meter Ethernet cable and a overkill netgear router and call it a day. Thanks for your help, how do I give you a trophy?
  14. I live at my mum's house, and I will be staying there for maybe tops 2-4 years... I don't think it's worth it, to call someone in, to rework the entire internet wiring.