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  1. Hello all, Been digging up ALL of the information I can find on this. Checked Reddit, Razer, and MSI. I am having trouble syncing my RAM, Motherboard,and GPU with my Razer Pad, Mouse and Keyboard. Mystic Light controls the internal components, Razer controls the peripherals just fine. Any help would be so appreciated since I really really don't want to buy Razer/Hue RGB Strips and/or replace the RAM/MOBO for inside the case just to sync right. I can live without the RGB on the GPU. But if it just isn't compatible I guess I have an excuse to upgrade some stuff. I have tried: Game Sync turned on in Mystic Light (baked into Dragon Center) Chroma Connect installed and it can see MSI Mystic Light, and it's visible in Studio. (See ScreenShots) Reinstalling multiple versions of Dragon Center/Mystic Light based on my mobo and GPU Reinstalling Synapse, and installing it before Dragon Center/Mystic Light and vice-versa Many, many reboots (soft and full). Updating Mobo BIOS. Updating all applicable applications through their in-app update tools. Build Info and (Current) Version Information: OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 CPU: AMD Ryzen 2700x RAM: Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro x8GB Mobo: MSI Performance Gaming x470 Plus MSI Dragon Center: 2.0.28 Razer Synapse: