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  1. Hi, this is my first time asking the Interweb questions so here goes, my pc (specs below) stopped booting after I pulled it from storage, I have pulled my GPU and used the on board VGA port and the system boots fine, I also put in an older GPU and ignored the external power which it booted saying input external power, when I input the external power again it would not boot even to the bios, on that running theory I upgraded my power supply to a MWE 750 have reconnected the original GPU and the same thing, swap that GPU for the older 660 and it booted fine and I can run it, so that said is my newer GPU dead or not? I don't have another unit to test it in and when it is installed and press the power button nothing changes states, no fan no lights My spec Gigabyte GA-Z77X-D3H Intel i7 3770 GPU asus gtx 970 turbo and the older one is a gigabyte gtx 660 16gb ram 250gb ssd 1tb did Cooler master 500w (ol power supply) MWE 750w