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  1. I wish this would do it, but still does not work.
  2. I have the Asus Strix GTX 970, and before any of my problems arose, had my main monitor plugged in through HDMI and a small secondary monitor connected through one of the two DVI ports. A few days ago I unplugged my main HDMI monitor to use with my laptop, and after reconnecting it to my desktop saw that my GPU was not detecting any input at all from it, and only an input from my secondary monitor. After looking in the windows display settings and the nvidia control panel, I saw that my pc was not even detecting anything other than my second monitor. To confirm the issue was not with my monitor or cable, I reconnected it to my laptop, which worked, and then removed my GPU and connected the monitor to just my motherboard, which also worked. So far, after confirming the monitor and cable were fine, this is what I have done to try and fix the issue with no luck: - Purchased a Display Port to HDMI adapter, just to see that when I used that, my GPU still detected no input - Using guru3d's DDU, removed all my graphics drivers, then reinstalled them. The monitor was not detected without any drivers, or with a fresh install of the latest drivers - Tried my GPU in the other of the two PCI slots on my motherboard I then purchased a DVI to HDMI cable to see if I could just use my two DVI ports. I found that when I had both monitors plugged in through DVI, the display showed only on my main monitor, and when looking in the nvidia control panel, saw that it detected two of my main monitor (which I only have one) and not my second monitor at all. To sum it up more nicely, neither my Display Port nor my HDMI ports detect any signal when used, and when using my two DVI ports, only one of the monitors is detected, but it is detected twice. I am not sure what else I can do to try and resolve this, so I was wondering if anyone on here had any possible solutions?