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  1. Ok, so kind of a weird problem i've never seen before.... went to boot up my pc after i got home today and i was met by the asrock screen prompting me to press delete to enter setup, f11 for boot menu etc.. cleared cmos and, still the issue continues. (also keyboard wouldn't work at all during this) so i reseated the gpu trying everything i could and, nothing was happening so i decided to pull my game drive and, to my supprise it booted into windows. keyboard working and all. all this has happened after updating skyrim yesterday afternoon. strange but any insiders to what might be going on would be great, thanks. (problem described is with one of my 1tb hdds) also specs of my machine are: ryzen 5 2600 asrockb450m pro4 8gb ram rx 570 8gb evga 750w psu pny cs900 120gb ssd 2 1tb drives (dont know the manufacturer off hand)