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  1. Bought an i5 3470 with a RX 570 based on your suggestion. I'm very happy with the performance, I get 70FPS on R6S, 50FPS on Far Cry 5 and 70 to 80FPS on Nier Automata, all these games on the Ultra settings. The CPU and GPU work super well together but the AMD Radeon Settings tell me that my CPU is slightly below recommended requirements, but there are no problems with gaming at all. Thank you all for helping me!
  2. It does, and It's 450W
  3. Yeah, I'v been thinking about that too! I'm going to do that instead of buying just an RX 580.
  4. Thank you for replying! The reason I cannot buy a new GPU right now is that we are expected to shift soon, so the whole family is saving money.
  5. Thank you for your reply! I wanna play games like Rainbow Six Siege and GTA V. Also the thing is that I can only afford to GPU right now Few years later, I will be buying a whole new CPU, but till that I want to game on just... Not the GT 730.
  6. So I have a GT 730 rn and I want to upgrade it to the RX 580 but I have an i3 3210 and buying a whole new CPU will take like 4 years. How much will the bottleneck affect the fps? I have tried the bottleneck calculators online and they gave me very bad results, I don't know if I should trust them or not. Please help!!!