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  1. the nh-d15 will fit in my MasterCase H500P so thx a lot for all the advice all of you have given me and i will go with the nh-d15 then since its about 18 dollars cheaper than the nh-u12a
  2. ok i think i will mesure if the nh-d15 can fit in my case then i will choose between the 2 noctua's thx for the advice
  3. could any of you tell me which is better the Noctua NH-D15 or the Noctua NH-U12A cause i can see that the noctua NH-D15 is cheaper in my area than the noctua NH-U12A but is it better or worse
  4. so that is why i want a new cooler also have hear from a lot of people the stock cooler just isent good for the 3600 not sure if its true or not but just what i heard and was shown
  5. well the cooler is the stock cooler which came with the cpu the cpu that i used in my old build where i used an i7-4790k my temperatures didn't go over 70 degrees celsius under load but i used another cooler than the stock cooler
  6. i live in denmark and my budget is about 1000 danish crowns its about 150 dolars
  7. on idle about 63 when i start a game its about 80-95 degrees maybe its just me but think that a little high for exsample when i play wizard of legend the game really dont need much the cpu wont go under 80 degrees celsius
  8. Hello i have a ryzen 3600 and have tried to use the stock cooler and im not happy with the results it runs idle between 49-73 most of the time about 63 degrees celsius so i would like to get a new cooler for it but not sure whích could you people help me choosing a cooler for it? Btw have no plan of overclocking it thx you