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  1. i don't have a mic. i'm trying to get one, but it's going to take a while to get it.
  2. is there a way to use a phone (not a smartphone, a landline/ooma voip phone with voice only) as a mic for my computer for applications like discord, which don't support call in features?
  3. my headset recently stopped working (the right channel audio dies if i had my mic plugged in, i guess that's what i get for buying cheap headphones) and i don't have an external mic. i resulted to using my laptop and skyping myself, but i can't figure out how to record skype calls and only skype calls, as i have teams calls as well. does stereo mix record the default audio device or is it supposed to record a preset audio device? if i can't use stereo mix, is there a way to loopback my audio to a virtual microphone? my current solution is to route my skype audio to speakers and use audacity, and use my bluetooth headphones for teams, discord, etc. i can't get it to output as a virtual mic though.
  4. is there a way to have multiple worlds on a minecraft server, and how do i do it? i have multiverse 2 and lobbyapi installed on my server. update: i want to have a specific overworld world link up with a specific nether world. is there a way to do that?
  5. i have a singleplayer mc world, is there a way to transfer it to a multiplayer world? i saw different folders for the end and nether in the server, and DIM1 and DIM-1 were different folders not in the world folder on the server.
  6. DevTurtle

    port issues

    i'm trying to set up a multicraft server, but ever since i installed xampp and iis to attempt to setup wordpress, something decided to: a) decide to take over the 25565/25566 port b) take over the localhost and loopback domains on port 80 (1st with xampp, 2nd with iis service) and probably more i don't remember i uninstalled xampp, but i'm not sure what part of iis is doing the website thing. is there a way to gain back those ports, especially port 80?
  7. the launcher was not installed, did the entire %APPDATA%\.minecraft folder have to be deleted as well?
  8. i'm attempting to setup a forge server, and would like to know where the mod jars go. does anyone know this? also, is there a way to get multicraft to run forge?
  9. when jake opped himself, i saw him put it into a ui, not a console. here's timestamps i saw it: right side of timestamped frame: https://youtu.be/xgr4qibTVCQ?t=725 server panel: https://youtu.be/xgr4qibTVCQ?t=774 there's probably other mentions, but i don't feel like looking through the video right now
  10. for the ltt minecraft server video, i saw a ui for the server panel, and i was curious what software was being run on it. if anyone knows, what software is that?
  11. what mc server software did they use for the minecraft server? i saw a ui for it, usually there's a system monitor, console, and player list. anyone know the software?
  12. is there a way to run a server in hyper-v for use outside of the vm? if you say to just run it on a host machine, then no, i don't want to run it on a host machine. my use cases are: minecaft servers discord bot hosting anything i plan to set up in the future
  13. i have an alarm on my computer that goes off at 7am every day. sometimes i forget to turn up my volume, or leave my bluetooth headphones on (those both happened). is there a way to make task scheduler or some other application turn off bluetooth and set my volume to 100% at 6:59 am?
  14. is there an archive of the old skype sounds, or a way to access them?
  15. is there a way to limit time outside of a certain time period?