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  1. Budget is flexible. I'd like it to be maybe around £200 for the mobo and £100-200 for the CPU. Seems the times favour AMD for CPUs. Thinking about a mobo/CPU/RAM upgrade and initially I was going to do an intel chipset mobo and CPU since I've got a Nvidia GTX 1070ti and last time I built my PC it felt like Intel and Nvidia was just what you did. But looking at the market everything seems to be telling me to go AMD. So should I? The Intel cpu I was looking at was an i5 9400F since that felt like the modern upgrade for my current 4690k. In terms of what I'm looking to do, the most demanding thing is 1440p gaming on a 144hz monitor and my current set up doesn't really have an issue with that. I fancy building something more modern for similar use but more future ready. If I'm to go AMD what would you guys recommend? In terms of mobo I reckon something AM4 would be right. Any recommendations? Not looking to do anything wild with multiple GPUs or anything. Just good performance over flashy features as vague as that sounds. My vanity wants something with a mainly white colour scheme because I think it looks fresh af in a white case with a glass side imo. I can accept getting a dark mobo like 90% of the market if that's all the good options have. Opinions are greatly appreciated.
  2. So far in this thread the Define R6 has been getting pretty good notes.
  3. That's fair, I mean there's always snake oil with any product. Improving my fans is defo a priority with this one. I have noticed sound tests from (probably) impartial sources that suggest you can get a few decibels of difference between different cases.
  4. Yeah I've heard good things about the R6, I was a bit surprised by the fact that the newer models like the 7 are getting generally worse reviews.
  5. What case should I go for if I'm wanting to prioritise silence? Like, the PC case that sits in the back of class with its hood up drawing disturbing things in their workbook? Thinking about migrating my GPU and PSU (fairly new anyway) to an otherwise different PC because as the other components are getting somewhat dated. Mobo's still in DDR3 days. In terms of fitting things in the case, for the mobo I'm wanting to get a Gigabyte Z390 Designare and my GPU is a Palit GeForce GTX 1070Ti Jetstream. Also thinking of getting a Noctua NH-D15S as a CPU cooler. Maybe swap out the stock case fans for Noctua ones as well? My PSU is a 850W EVGA SuperNOVA G2. Cases I've been looking at are an NZXT H710 and a couple of the Fractal Define ones like the R6 and the 7. I don't work my PC very hard most of the time, when I game it's in 2K but I don't need every GFX slider maxed. From what I've seen usually thermals are sacrificed a bit for silence but for this build I really wanna prioritise silence so I'm fine with the temperatures not being the most OPTIMAL as long as my poor components aren't getting fried. Any ideas? 'preciate it.