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  1. Guys does anyone happen to have the B550 TUF GAMING PLUS by Asus ? I have been looking for the "display initial output" setting because I've got 2 gpus and need the 2nd gpu to boot first 'cause the first one (plugged in the first pcie slot) is being used by a VM so whenever I boot linux tries to get the Input from the card I need for the VM. I have put the "iommu=pt" parameter in the kernel to prevent linux from trying to get access to that gpu but It does not seem to work. Any idea ? In Gigabyte boards there's the "Initial Display Output" setting but here I cannot find it. Here's a link if you wonder what's the BIOS like. https://dlcdnets.asus.com/pub/ASUS/misc/Manual/PRIME_TUF_GAMING_B550_Series_BIOS_EM_WEB_JP.pdf
  2. Hi there! I'm back... I had completely forgotten to reply. I'm gonna be running just one vm. (Specs, I wrote them all above at the beginning, which kind of vm and configuration all of that)
  3. So I guess 3rd gen ryzen's cores are morepowerful even thank threadripper? even if it is a 1st gen one ? I don't think, but I'm not an expert.... Thanks a lot! by the way
  4. Yeah that's what I'm tryng to understand. What's really more important to get closest experience to a "phisycal" machine ?. 'Cause, in that department I don't really know, should I go with a newer architecture or stick to that If I ever need that much power ?
  5. I'm not gonna do do any editing, rendering or involving graphical or cpu intensive workloads. Just basic work. I thought I'd assign 8 cores 'cause that's what I did. Just wanted to know if the threads are powerful ones or not. I've done it already on a ryzen 5 2600 and the only problem I think it'd be the ream 'cause I only got 8 gb, but that was a budget problem :'). Thanks a lot! I appreciate you taking the time
  6. Hi guys, I wanted someone's opinion so I thought I might ask.... I've just seen a thredripper 1900x and 1920x at a pretty good price point (150/260 €) and I've been planning to build a pc for virtualization but I'm not sure about the choice. I'm not gonna do anything to heavy with those vms but I might use them "heavily" sometimes. Not that I'm a power user but just office tasks, pretty much (just to give you an idea). I am going to be using arch (mostly) or manjaro. I'm going to be installing a vm with macOS, I'm going to passthorugh a GPU. Here's what I was thinking: cpu: threadriiper 1900x/1920x ram: 32gb ddr4 lpx from Corsair (should be supported, I don't think I'll need more) mobo: x399 gigabyte aurous pro or the Asrock x399 phantom gaming 6 psu: 600w GPUs: (I don't need anything fancy so) gt710 and an r5. (the gt710 is natively supported by Catalina and I've already done a vm with macOS, it works perfectly, don't worry). The main point is about the CPU is it good for virtualization specifically? I can't really test hardware so much so I though I'd ask you guys. Thank you in advance ;)
  7. Hope so! Thanks for helping me ;) Might as well go with z390m or an MSI one... Thanks again for helping I'll be posting the build when I'm done. One more thing... I plan on running Catalina, hope I'll make it... If not I guess I'll have to stick mojave
  8. Exactly what I thought of the "f" version 'cause I'd completely forgotten about it not having the dedicated graphics... Anyway my use will only be a light one. And I too thought of intel 'cause I've always known Intel's preferred... Only thing that "bothered me" was the choice of the mo 'cause that'll be the most important part to me. Thanks for the tips ;)
  9. Thanks for the tips I'll some more research and see what I can do... I have checked out tonymac86 but there seems few "budget" MO and more "sponsored" products... Or I could just wait and hope for better prices but whatever that's not the point.... Thanks a lot! And please do write if something comes into mind, I'll be taking a look, I'll be updating the post.
  10. Thanks for replying! I might actually think of it! Thing is I gotta be 100% sure it'll run MacOS, But I guess you wouldn't even have replied if it didn't run... Do you happen to have any advice about going AMD ? I know I might have to trick some things here and there with the kernel because of it. Also I thought I could go with a ryzen 3 2600 or 2600g... I know I'd be more covered in the future with a ryzen 5 but I do own custom build PC with an i5-9600k so I'm not going to need the second for power tasks or anything it is more like a build to use for stuff I wouldn't do on my main PC, you know to experiment a little with softwares and OSs and stuff. I appreciate you replying, really,thanks P.S. I forgot that "F" series by intel don't have dedicated graphics so I also might just go with an i3-9100 and pay the little extra but I wouldn't need to pay for the gpu, would I ?
  11. Hi I've been thinking about making a budget build at around 300 euros but I'm not really sure about the compatability of the components, especially mo and cpu. I thought I could ask someone and hope to get a better opinion on what I should do. I'd like it to be a microATX build. Here's the config: cpu: i3-9100f ram: 8gb stick by crucial clocked at 2666 Mhz DDR4 (already checked. They're compatable) mo: msi h310 pro vdh plus gpu: rx570 by XFX psu: Be Quiet! BN227 Netzteil Sfx 400w case: Cooler Master q300l I was just wondering if they're all compatable (obviously case and psu are optional but I put them anyway...) I've done some research and found that MO might get me some trouble for some kinda of BIOS issue or something... I know I could go amd so please let me know, I also know it might a little more difficult than going Intel and I'm aware that Hackintoshes are never gonna be easy like installing windows on a normal machine. If you've got any suggestions, please, do write... I'm new to this so don't go too hard on me... Thanks :! P.S. I wanna install Catalina or Mojave