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  1. True, that's why I'm primary looking for ways to reuse the screen. I hope that there are some, because it would be a shame to just get rid of it
  2. Hi, I happen to have an old tablet(Samsung galaxy tab 2 with 7.0 screen). Recently I gave it to the repair shop because the thing wasn't charging. They gave me a warning that they'll try to fix it, but couldn't guarantee success. Long story short, they failed, and now it's charging but turning off in random interval from 1 to 20 seconds from turning the power on. I like this tablet and want to give it a new life, but out of ideas. The screen and touch functionality are perfectly fine, so I suppose it is possible to use it as some sort of additional screen for my computer(linux/windows) or merge the touchscreen with Raspberry Pi for some kind of remote access device. In the end, fun and light difficulty of the project may be more important than practicality. If you have any ideas, I'll be glad to try them out!