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  1. Yes I've had and I tried to use the other two inputs (DVI and HDMI), definitely isn't the signal nor the cables as even the OSD gets affected: Hence is something going on internally on the monitor.
  2. Hello everybody on the community, I'll try to be quick ASAP and clear. I own an HP Pavilion 22XI monitor which was working perfectly when I bought it (2nd hand BTW); by some time of use (months if not the year) the monitor display started to do what its shown on the photo I attached. I suspect it might be a capacitor (?); because if I stop using the monitor for couple hours (or sometimes requieres days): When I turn it on after that period of time it starts working normally, but after some time the problem starts again. Maybe isn't a capacitor but a chip that needs some Reballing? Anyone who had struggle with this before or that has deep knowledge on this topics and any advice of what I should do to fix it are going to be appreciated and thanks for your time by reading this as well, have a nice one. Monitor quick video.webm