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  1. oh like a pull configuration?
  2. do i have to change the whole airflow in the case?
  3. Hey guys I m going to buy a bq dark rock 4 but the fan is covering my ramslot. i cannot put the fan on the ram because my case would be to small. (max height: 165mm; fan onto the ram: 167mm)(nzxt h210). Can i put every fan on the cooler with the metal clips?(a bq pure wing 2 120mm would fit on the ram) is it possible with the pure wing 2? or are there „aircooler only“ fans from bequiet thanks
  4. yes but chrome doesn t take more than 3gb
  5. Hello guys, i want to buy a new macbook pro 13" 2019 with 8/16gb ram and 128/256gb ssd. i only would use it for office programms, surfing, videos, light video editing with imovie/resolve, coding with eclipse. (for school) i also want to use windows on the macbook via bootcamp. would you buy the 8gb or 16gb version or 128/256gb.(only one of both(8gb+256gb or 16gb+128gb) i also have an external ssd at home (240gb ssd). i also have a really good pc (r5 2600 rtx2060 16gb ram) for heavier tasks like gaming and vm's. thanks for your help.