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  1. Unfortunately, no. It is a MSI founders edition card.
  2. Thank you to everybody that tried to help me, I really appreciate it. It deeply saddens me to tell you guys that I removed the card from my system. I am a university student and I needed a GPU for the course that I am studying. I spent a lot of time saving up but unfortunately the GPU that I bought died on me. I really don't know what I am going to do now but I can't continue with my course anymore since I can't afford a new card. The GPU would constantly crash when I did schoolwork and I got behind. Sorry if I wasted your time.
  3. When running benchmarks/playing games with the card everything seems fine. No crashes, artifacts etc. I'm not sure what causes it to flicker. I suspect this could be a driver issue but am unsure.
  4. Unfortunately that did not work, I have uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers multiple times with DDU but have had no success. Hopefully this is just a driver issue that can be updated.
  5. Ok, Furmark temps when max preformance os disabled are : Minimum temp: 39C Max 69C and with max preformance enabled the card throttles with a minimum temp of 61C and max of 86C This was with the 1080p benchmark
  6. I have cleaned it and applied new thermal paste, I used thermal grizzly kryonaut. The idle temp is 38C when the card is not set at prefer maximum performance however, if it not at that setting, the screen flickers.
  7. No it doesn't, when set to Adaptive/Optimal power the card idles at 38C but the screen flickers while on these settings.
  8. I need help. I recently bought a GTX 1070 but have only had problems since. It started with my screen flashing black for about 1 or 2 seconds at a time. I went into the Nvidia control panel and adjusted the power management setting to prefer maximum performance and the flickering went away but now I am faced with another problem. The GPU seems to run extremely hot with maximum performance mode enabled, it sits at around 70 Degrees Celcius at idle! What can I do to prevent screen flickering but also prevent my GPU from becoming my new furnace? I have the MSI GTX 1070 FE (Samsung ram) , MSI MAG Z390 Tomahawk motherboard, Intel Core i3 8100, Crucial 8gb ram at 2400, Cooler master MWE 550W power supply, Sandisk 240Gb SSD.