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  1. i saw linus's video about the corsair obsidian 1000 when it was still a concept slate but it looks like it got smaller from the video.
  2. this may or may not fit in this thread as its more just talking but its talking about computer cases. what is the biggest computer case any company makes? i mean physical size of the case not what can and can not be put in it.
  3. with a new everything. something somewhere in your case has to be shorting out with what it sounds like and the the best thing to cause this would either be a lose screw under the motherboard or too much thermal paste in which once you placed and tightened the cooler down to it, it would have squeezed out onto the CPU chip area causing a short. but this is just my guess. trying to think of something to help you out.
  4. it sounds to me that something is not grounded properly in the case. i would start by touching something else close by to your computer to discharge the static and then hold onto that thing and then touch your computer to see if it happens again. i have tried looking up some videos on youtube and most are showing its a PSU issue with either the cable from the outlet or the one going to the motherboard being the issue. have pics of your PC?
  5. yeah that is kind of a good one. i have seen a lot of the reviewers such as linus, gamersnexus and jaystwocents all talk about thermal grizzly thermal compunds. they are one of the more expensive ones though. going back and rereading your issue. i would say you have a grounding issue and you might need to remove and replace the thermal paste for one. for another your surge protector may have gone out and is no longer protecting your PC.
  6. you are welcome and yeah i meant the budget for the GPU as that is what you were asking for. like what can you or what are you willing to spend on it.
  7. that budget goes way past the 5700XT since its only around $700 at the most. you are getting into rtx 2080TIs at that budget which is a better card but pushing the limits. according to the linus in the video i posted. the Nvidia GPUs like the RTX 2060, 2070 and 2080 series cards are the better cards for recording streaming and gameplay.
  8. looking at what i linked it shows both GPUs are hot running and low end PCBs. what is your budget and case. the 5700XT comes in different price ranges like all other GPUs.
  9. watch the video i linked. linus talks about the different GPUs at different prices. but you need to take the physical size of your computer case into consideration. will they fit into your case or are you going to have to return them because they wont fit and wont work.
  10. that would depend on what your budget is or what you are willing to spend, and will your case physically handle the GPU you want. i suggest looking at the two things i have linked as they are what i used to decide on my EVGA RTX 2070 super FTW3 ultra+.
  11. are you OCing your GPU at all or just stock settings? i currently have an EVGA RTX 2070 super FTW3 ultra+ and no fans on at all. but i am also running at stock everything with out touching a thing on the program other than to turn the RGB on and off. i would suggest that you try uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers to see if that is the issue or update them to the newest ones.
  12. i do not know this for sure as i dont have any kind of VR as i tried it once and got really sick from it. you would only need an active adapter for a cable more than 50ft as the signal is not strong enough to go that far. any adapter should do going from HDMI to DP if the distance is around 10ft so i would look into a HDMI to DP cable first.
  13. is this a brand new GPU or did you buy it used from somewhere? going buy what i was told from a geek squad agent, your GPU is failing and needs to be replaced. a simple and cheap why to find out if this is the case is take another working computer, put your GPU in it (after taking the other one out) and then see what happens. i would also suggest that you try a new cable to the monitor first as that might be it.
  14. does your computer completely crash or just the game. AMD has been having issues with the 20.2.2 for a few months now so that could also be the problem.
  15. picking the right GPU will depend on what exactly your budget is (what can you or are willing to spend), what are you planning on doing (gaming, work, etc. etc.) what resolution you want and can your case physically handle the GPU you want.
  16. you might want to look at the list again as it list EVGA kingpin, FTW3, XC, SC and gaming cards. the main problem with this list is that it doesnt say what the cards actually are, like the kingpin is a 2080ti, the FTW3 is a 2070 and the SC and Xc are 2060s. you have to do your own research in addition to that list. "2.75 vs 3 PCIe slot thickness." its the exact same thing. most cards are either a 2 or 2.75 slot card meaning the amount of slots on the back of your case the GPU will take up not the PCIe slot on your motherboard. "and 6-pin vs 8-pin power?" also sort of the same thing but a little different as that is the power connectors on the card. there are either 1, 2 or 3 power connectors on the card and they are 6 and/or 8 pin connectors meaning the number of pins to supply power and the amount of cables needed to supply them.
  17. what did you use? some of those "well repped" ones are not actually all that good.
  18. to me this does sound like a shorting out issue so the best thing I can tell you to do is to rebuild your PC completely. you might not have to buy any new parts but take it all apart and put it back together again making sure to at least have yourself grounded by either one of the grounding connectors like in the ifixit kits or a piece of skin in contact with the case the entire time. you also might have used too much thermal paste on your CPU and that might also be the problem so while its apart its as good idea to look at it because most of the paste that comes with the CPU will conduct electricity and short things out.
  19. I am guessing you are looking at the very basic 5700xt model then an almost top of the line 2070 super because of those price differences. as to which on is better, that would depend on your budget and what you are willing to spend. the 2070 super does make the 5700 xt look like its a 1GB card but you are paying for that. as to the problems the 5700 has been having I would say no because someone will claim they have been to have another person say they are having the same problem the person who said it was fixed.
  20. there are several things you need to consider when picking a vertical mount for your GPU. one is do you have a second GPU because if you do then it will not work at all because the mount and card will cover the remaining PCIe slots. another thing is can your case handle a vertically mounted GPU in both physically and location of the card. you probably know these already as it is why you are looking but in case you didn't. I have heard that a lot of people like either cooler master or Thermaltake vertical mounts as they are easy to install and the PCIe cable that comes with them is better quality over others.
  21. since these are supposed to be LEDs that are supposed to work for 30,000 hours or more, I would say that it is just dimming but I don't know how often you are looking into the case so it might be out completely but I doubt it.
  22. personally I would say yes but I can not say for sure as I went from an ATI radeon HD 6770 to a EVGA rtx 2070 super FTW3 ultra+. linus has made a video in which he compared the different cards at different price ranges.
  23. if you broke the PCIe slot your only option that will work is for you to buy a new motherboard.
  24. that would depend on what your budget is. in the $300-$450 range then the 5700 and 5700xt are better performance, once you get to the $500-$550 range then the rtx 2070 super blows them out of the water.