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  1. since you are in computer science, you will probably know more than be but if your motherboard has a monitor port on it, then you should be able to connect it that way on a very low settings and see if it will allow a system boot up so you can see what the issue code is, or start is safe mode. DDU the old drivers and reinstall them. that is just my guess though.
  2. well don't feel ripped off. what did you buy that computer for in the first place? for gaming or what. it seems like it lasted for you for more than a year which is actually quiet good in my opinion with used parts. and going back thru the messages it sounds like the fan is still working so are you using any kind of adapter to the monitor or just a straight cable? I ask because I am not sure if I mentioned it or not but I am thinking not. two people on here have said they have had monitor issues with one being seeing their monitor showing half a blue screen and the other half some weird colors. the other person had pick lines or spots all over the monitor. the first issue was solve by replacing the cable as it went bad. the other one I am not sure of yet because I haven't gotten a message yet that they replied. but I am betting same thing. your might be just like that too. with what I said earlier, the pc lasted for over a year so they might be worth looking into again just for a very cheap replacement GPU until your lockdown gets lifted. but as I have said, I will not buy used parts but that is what I would do, I can not speak for you and what works best for you. I have slight knowledge on how to repair my computer as I have people in my family who work with computers but I can not call them up for every little thing as I am sure they don't want to talk about work when off the clock.
  3. well let me guess. you ordered used parts from Ebay, amazon and etc. from people who were not gigabyte, EVGA, msi etc. etc. right? those people are required to send it out but no time limit as to when they have to so best to avoid them. if you don't want to wait too long then order from one of the manufacturers like I listed above as they will usually send it out the next business day. take a look at these two links as they should help you pic a GPU that fits into what you are looking for. sorry. I forgot to add that this first list only gives what the manufacturer of the card and what line it is like the Powercolor: Red Devil it doesn't mention that is a 5700XT card which is in the $500 range. so you will have to look up which one sounds good to you and then make sure it is the one you are looking at and want.
  4. if I had to guess. such bad cards that they weren't worth mentioning.
  5. I am sure. the link below is the exact GPU I ordered from EVGA. I ordered it on the 18th of March and got it on the 25th. I was a little worried about it because I saw it coming from southern CA but came by UPS which is a "essential" service as you name it they deliver it, including medical supplies so they can not be shut down because the truck may be carrying those supplies. https://www.evga.com/products/product.aspx?pn=08G-P4-3377-KR
  6. you are right and wrong. with modern cards you don't really need to worry about static that much as most computer components are built with that in mind so they have a way to discharge that static without effecting the card. however you are right because this card was first released in 2010 so it may not have those precautions. and its still a good idea either way. Dieter.koenig let me ask you this, do you still get mail? I am wondering because UPS, FedEx and other delivery services are still operational so you can still order a GPU and have it delivered to your house. I know because I ordered mine from EVGA and it came out of Anaheim CA from the EVGA main shipping location after the lockdown,
  7. yeah I figured you didn't because even the big ones packages of it usually can only be used two or three times before you are out. I have no idea what this card looks like new so I can not say if it is all there or not. where did you buy it from? one thing I can tell you is to avoid "used" or "refurbished" as most of the time with those people sell them to make some money back after having to buy a new GPU because the one that they sold failed.
  8. well I want to say yes it is but I can not say for sure as I don't know. both say its a software issue. I don't know when you bought it but being released in 2010 it has basically lasted as long as its going to and a new one needs to be used. but this is an answer you do not want to hear. so I know that you probably don't have that much thermal paste left if any at all so I don't know if you want to do it or not but if you are willing then open it back up and look at the PCB closely. is there anything that seems to be missing or out of place? tech guy: 1 long and 2 short beeps: Video card error computerhope: 1 long, 2 short Indicates a video error has occurred and the BIOS cannot initialize the video screen to display any additional information.
  9. according to the site lined below this is what 1 long 2 short is. 1 long and 2 short beeps: Video card error and that is a "no duh" moment. but looking at the second linked site, it could give you a little more info. https://forums.techguy.org/threads/one-short-beep-then-two-long-beeps.628751/ https://www.computerhope.com/beep.htm#05
  10. alright. I don't know what program ZOTAC uses but I know EVGA does allow you to see the temps of certain areas of the card (see pic). with this I can see if the card is running hot in one area or another.
  11. well GeForce is for all of them. I meant like EVGA, ASUS, gigayte. etc. etc.. and two cables going to 2 separate ports on the PSU will not cause a power shortage and is the way it should be hooked up.
  12. how many cables do you have hooked up to your GPU. also an rtx 2060 from which company?
  13. ok, then you probably don't have a temp issues as I was thinking it was. it could be a simple thing that your cable is about to go out or your monitor is. I say this because a person on here or another forum I am on had an issue with their monitor only showing half a blue screen and half something like what you are seeing. the best way to test this is if you have another cable or monitor, hook it up then if it still continues then you might have to watch some youtube videos on error code 43.
  14. is that stock settings or is that with a lot of OC? what I mean is, is that at idle or are you hardcore gaming etc. etc..
  15. well that is fine. its up to you either way but 9/10 times now you will not void the warranty if you were to do this because companies have been coming out now with more and more water coolers which require you to take the card apart to attach the cooler. the EVGA water block for instance. if you are going to RMA it then, I hope you have another GPU ready as its going to be at least 3 weeks (unless overnight it) until you get it back.