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  1. Yeah I'm well aware.. Just a bit disappointed at myself on this one. Thanks bud!
  2. I actually have tried to install legacy drivers and such, no luck. been stuck with the same issue for quite awhile now. thinking that it's on the hardware side..
  3. I have a pretty old laptop that was given to me by my Father. It's a SONY VAIO PCSB19GG. I have completely done a fresh windows 10 pro installation on it. Every time I am trying to use my dedicated AMD gpu the screen just goes black and never goes back to normal. But when I use the integrated intel HD , I face no problems. I have tried uninstalling with DDU a couple of times already yet the problem still persists. I have a bit of knowledge about computers and troubleshooting but this time I just need some help. Any inputs would be appreciated. PS. I also can't find any BIOS download from the manufacturer's website itself as it have been apparently obsolete for quite awhile now.