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  1. Would this fix the delay I have been feeling? Because It feels very delay even when ping measures and shows to be 30-50
  2. We use a ISP called Zito Media. And unfortunately I cannot upgrade to anything better for certain reason. Should I try contacting them? Because how much can an ISP actually do to fix this issue and also fix packet loss?
  3. I am having network issues while gaming. I play fortnite, yes I know it’s a bad game, but, I play around 30-60 ping which very reasonable for fortnite but sometimes while playing it feels laggier than my ping shows. For example while playing I may have 30 ping and sometimes it feels super delayed but also sometimes it feels very snappy and minimal delay. So basically I am trying to fix the issue where it feels more delayed than it should be. I do get packet loss sometimes( I also need help with this if anyone could help) but the issue mainly occurs while I get 0% packet loss. Any help is greatly appreciated as I have no clue what to do to fix it. details my pc is only 6 months old. (I7 8700, gtx 1660 ti, 32 GB RAM 3000mhz, I play with a cat8 Ethernet cable (supposedly, that’s what it said when bought it from amazon) my download speed is 20mb/s and upload is 2mb/s, I know my Internet isn’t very fast but if this was the cause of the delay then my ping would show higher than 30-60ms.