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  1. Articles: The Verge, Android Central, 9to5Google, XDA Developers, Android Police, Android Headlines, and Stadia Source Reddit thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/Stadia/comments/f8e33w/touchstadia_you_can_now_play_stadia_on_android/ Hi folks! I recently got TouchStadia working for Android, and it seems that many people are enjoying being able to play Stadia with on-screen controls! I think that TouchStadia works pretty well, though I am obviously biased as the developer. I hope that you're able to give it a shot if you have a Stadia account, and to draw your own conclusions about it! Here's a video of TouchStadia working on Android: Here are some quotes from the linked articles: The Verge: 9to5Google: XDA Developers: I hope posting content created by myself is appropriate in this forum! Cheers!