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  1. Okay so I took it back apart and went as far as to remove the motherboard (but not the heatsink&fans from the motherboard) and snatched some photos on the way. Basically no difference, and I'm definetely certain everything is in this time. So yeah idk. Also another detail is that if I take the power cable back out of the laptop while it's in "limbo" it keeps running, so it runs on the battery but wont start on it.
  2. Okay, so I bought a MSI Gs65 Stealth a couple of months ago and I really haven't been happy with its performance. It's been thermal throttling like heck and the fan's are going at really high rpm's to keep up. I decided to take off the old thermal paste and replace it with some high quality stuff I had from a previous desktop build. Made sure it wasnt getting everywhere when I put the heatsink back on etc. put everything back together, try to boot it and it just wont turn on. What I do have is: laptoped plugged in light, fans going at relatively high rpm, the light on the f6 key that usually signifies that the laptop is in sleep mode is on, the power button light is orange and not white. What I dont have is: anything on the display, the orange power light isnt what I'm used to seeing and i think its indicating it's in "sleep mode", the laptop wont turn on unless its plugged in, there is no smoke or weird smells, any other backlight on the keyboard other then the f6 key . It seems to just kinda be stuck in limbo. I seem to recall that the laptop might take a while to boot after such an extensive tear down but I've waited half an hour now, and no changes yet. I'm honestly ready to just take the blow and say I messed up something along the way, but I thought I'd hear if you guys had a fix for me. I'll attach a picture of the laptop in it's current state, and if someone wants a closer look I'll open it up again and take a picture of the inside. I'd just rather not plug it out n shit before I have confirmation of what it's currently doing