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  1. matthaji

    SLI Help

    hey sorry to bother you more, is the chart going left to right, or up and down. like is the highlighted parts all compatible?
  2. matthaji

    SLI Help

    wow thanks, didn't realize that it was that strict with 9 series.
  3. matthaji

    SLI Help

    also that my SLI is disabled
  4. matthaji

    SLI Help

    How can i tell both my cards are working in game. Almost all the videos ive seen says enable maximize 3d setting. for some reason it doesnt read my bridge. Not broken at all,never took it out of my mobo box.
  5. matthaji

    SLI Help

    I recently just bought another gtx 970 FTW + and my original card is a gtx 970 ftw, and when I installed the new 970 FTW+ and attached the sli connector, I cant seem to be able to enable "maximize 3D performance. I tried with 2 different sli bridges. specs: i7 4790k mobo: asus maximus vii hero ram: 16gb power supply; evga 1000 supernova gold