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  1. StanicEnemy

    Is it worth getting RX 570 over 470?

    If you are a troll then its not funny.
  2. StanicEnemy

    Is it worth getting RX 570 over 470?

    Do not ever and ever dare to chane 970 for crappy overheating 570/470.
  3. StanicEnemy

    LTT is hacking youtube likes

    You are just a noob to the internet.
  4. I wouldnt buy rx580 they all overheating so much, xfx reaches 80*c during gaming and sapphire one 76*c.
  5. StanicEnemy

    I5 6600 bottleneck?

    i5 6600 isnt a strong cpu, it will mostly likely bottleneck unless you are planning to play on 4k.
  6. StanicEnemy

    rtx 2060 worth it?

    If it is not a "Must" then better buy evga for support and warranty
  7. StanicEnemy

    Graphic card keep blowing up

    There are 29139812983128932189 550w cooler master psu units exist,if you want to get help from people you have to give more information than just saying 550w cooler master.
  8. StanicEnemy

    GTX 1070 Temperatures

    1080 ti msi gaming x runs at 75*C so i think you are good to go with that blower gpu.
  9. StanicEnemy

    RX580 reaches 85° while gaming

    85*C pretty hot but since its amd so be it.
  10. StanicEnemy

    PC making clicking sound

    My hdd's doing the same click noise for years, if it is running without a issue then dont worry.
  11. StanicEnemy

    Audio-Technica ATH-ADG1X dac/amp?

    fiio k3
  12. StanicEnemy

    Under €100 headphones for gaming/music

    Avoid freaking shit ass gaming headset, they all shit, if someone come up with saying "gaming headsets better" then they have no idea what the audio quality is. Get Ath-m40x or if you can extend your budget get the ath-m50x. Ath-m50x is the best headphone so far, you can use it on everything.
  13. StanicEnemy

    Which mouse to buy

    Dont even go for msi mice, they are awful.
  14. StanicEnemy

    how to polish keyboard?

    You are right, im gonna try to clean it properly.