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  1. i think i need to check out the switches before i want a suggestion. Can you suggest me a top quailty 500gb ssd then? No never, our salary is near 2000 TL which is equal to 342 dollar.For an example if you want to buy g502 you need to spend 1/4 of your salary and house rent prices like 1200+ TL 1 $ = 6 TRY
  2. or 1TB ssd could be nice, whats the best 1tb ssd that he can buy with 100€?
  3. I have been away from keyboard news for a long time, i have a4 tech x7 G800v keyboard that i bought in 2012, it does still works like a charm but in r6s i find my keyboard uncomfortable.I think i would like rgb backlit,volume things and best mechanical switches but there is something that you should know, im using english turkish keyboard and as you know we have these words on our keyboard ÖöİiÜüıIĞğ, i dont think there is a english-turkish layout exist in amazon.it
  4. Our government rob us to death everyday and they steal us and feed syrian refugees, everything is expensive here. My pc specs as shown below. Monitor:Asus Gaming VG245Q 2nd Monitor:Samsung S19C150CPU:Intel i5 4440 3.1ghz 1150GPU:Nvidia GTX 1050ti MSI Gaming XCPU Cooler:Be quiet! Shadow Rock TF2PSU:Seasonic 520w Bronze 80plus evo editionPC Case:Aerocool Liquid Solution 5200-6x Fan+fan controllerPC Fans:Corsair Quiet edition RED AF120 -Aercool lightning 12cm-Aerocool Dark Force 12cmHDD:WD Blue ezex 2017 edition 7200rpm 1tb 64mb cacheHDD:Seagate 500gb 5900 rpm 6mb cacheSSD:Corsair Force Le 200 120gb 500 write/read speedMobo:Asus H81M-CRam:8GB 1600mhzXbox 360 Pc controllerCorsair Void Pro RGB Usb Audio Technica m50xX7 G800V Gaming KeyboardLogitech G502 Proteus Core Tunable GamingX7 Bloody Gaming Mousepad He pays everything when he come to my place, i cant really ask for that, i have something in my mind and it is fiio k3 for my audio technica m50x which he brought it to me last year. Can you suggest me a good gaming keyboard?
  5. My cousin will be coming to visit me in august and he can bring me anything under 100€, what should i pick? no trolling. He lives in italy and i live in Turkey.
  6. Hell no, stay away from them, they are the most shittest company ive ever seen.Thermal paste is leaking out of their card and the card is working hard at 2k rpm to cool itself.
  7. Alright thanks guys but i bought that psu in 2017 and since the dollar exchange rate is pretty high everything is expensive in my country. Won't my psu carry the new system that i will get in the future?
  8. My current system is i5 4440 4x2 8gb ddr3 1600 mhz ram asus h81m-c MSI gaming x 1050 ti seasonic m12ii 520 evo aerocool ls-5200 if i buy i5 9400f,16gb ddr4 ram and a good mobo, will be there good significant difference in performance?
  9. I wouldn't use that psu for such system.He needs to change his psu, he can buy something like seasonic focus plus750w.
  10. Thank you guys for enlightening me about it, i guess ill visit my friend to test his corsair mechanic keyboard k70 lux red since there is no store in my city.
  11. ive been using a gaming keyboard that is called A4-Tech X7 G800V for 7 years and sometimes i feel like i have to push the buttons harder to get response back from game,im a hardcore PvP player, im mostly playing r6s and the buttons feels so stiff, im thinking of getting a mechanical keyboard for myself but the real question is does it worth?
  12. If you are a troll then its not funny.
  13. Do not ever and ever dare to chane 970 for crappy overheating 570/470.