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  1. Hi all I have been having some trouble with my machine (any help appreciated: https://bit.ly/2UYFouq ) so I am doing a clean installation of windows. However, last time I did this (when I set up the PC), my motherboard (ASUS Prime X570 P) installed a load of bloatware (e.g. Armoury Crate, to name just one). Is there anyway I can prevent this. I am doing a clean install so I can install software one at a time to work out what may be causing issues. Additionally, should I create my boot USB on a computer separate from the one I have been having issues on (i.e., is there a way the issues could be "carried over" onto the clean install), or should I make it on another machine. Thanks
  2. Hey! I also have a Ryzen 7 3700X. I have been have also been experiencing these issues: https://bit.ly/2UYFouq . Unlike you, I built this PC from scratch so I have been struggling to troubleshoot which component it may be. Maybe it could be this CPU. What games have you been getting stutter in? Does the stutter particularly happen shortly after loading in (i.e. first few minutes after loading in) and does it happen when opening menus, bringing up scoreboards? Have you by any chance installed MSI Afterburner/RivaTuner Good luck, I am having to do a clean install of windows, I will let you know it goes.
  3. Apologies for not being clear. Happens in all games but I haven't noticed it in other tasks other than I am getting dropped frames in some YouTube videos (particularly 60fps ones)
  4. I'm asking the other guy that. For me it is everywhere.
  5. Yeh I was afraid it was going to have to come to that as I have a 5mbps connection
  6. Yes I believe so to (that it is a system issue), what I meant was do you believe that it is most likely to be an issue with a piece of hardware (e.g. graphics card, cpu, ram, etc.), or something in software? With the ongoing situation in terms of getting things repaired/replaced, what do you think my best option would be. Are there any places that may be able to help remotely (I have no issue in paying to get the issue fixed)? Thanks very much for your help.
  7. Hi I just tried this, restarted and it made no difference. Do you have any more ideas?
  8. But how would rivatuner be displaying peaks in frame time (literally lasts milliseconds) and troughs in frame rate (also lasts a milliseconds). Do you think it is hardware or software related?
  9. Are you talking about notification sounds or all sounds in general? How deep into menus do I have to go to do this?
  10. I've tried gsync. It happens regardless of what frame rate call I have put on.
  11. Can anyone please help me. I have spent a large amount of money and time on this PC and I am still getting frame skips on every game I play, regardless of settings. My specs CPU: Ryzen 7 3700x at stock speeds MBD: Asus Prime X570P - latest BIOS GPU: Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER Gaming OC (Triple fan version) at stock speeds - latest NVIDIA Drivers PSU: Corsair TX650M 650W 80 Plus Gold RAM: Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 3600 C18 AMD Optimized Memory - running at 3600MHz through DOCP M.2: Sabrent M.2 NVMe 512GB SSD (SB-ROCKET-512) CASE: Corsair Carbide 275R Games tested: CSGO Rocket League Rainbow Six Siege Civilisation 5 (although this game is a mess usually anyway - thought I would throw in a CPU intensive one) My problem is this: I get a stutter in games, regardless of what framerate I am at and regardless of what settings I am using. These stutters can also be seen in RivaTuner Statistics Server as downward lines on the framerate/frametime graphs. They can occur randomly but particularly occur when I bring up a type of menu (e.g. scoreboard, quick chats, settigns menu, etc), or when something happens in game (e.g. goal scored in rocket league, bomb goes off in CSGO). The ones that occur randomly, mid game, when seemingly nothing new is happening are the most annoying. I would say the menu/something happening in game ones happen every third time one of these actions take place, and the random ones take place anywhere from every minute to every 30 secs. Things that I have checked: Temps are fine (CPU, GPU and VRAM never go above 60C even at full, sustained load) - checked HWiNFO, ASUS BIOS, MSI Afterburner. GPU, CPU, RAM and SSD are all securely in place in the MBD. CPU, GPU, RAM and SSD usage are all normal when gaming (i.e. not maxed out). Nothing obvious is happening in Hardware Monitor/Task manager when the stutters occur. Things that I have tried (to no avail): Different monitors (Old Samsung 1080p at 60Hz; BenQ PD2700Q professional colour grading monitor 1440p at 60Hz; LG 24GL600F gaming monitor 1080p at 144Hz G-SYNC compatible). Disabled unnecessary settings on monitor (e.g. black adjust, power saving, auto brightness, etc) HDMI vs Display Port V-SYNC On/Off on all monitors (in game and using NVIDIA control panel), NVIDIA Fast Sync On/Off on all monitors, G-SYNC On/Off on LG Monitor. Setting FPS limiter at various levels with RIvaTuner, as well as in-application on CSGO and Rocket League. Disabling/uninstalling unnecessary applications and processes (e.g. ASUS BIOS bloatware, Synology apps, Adobe Apps, Xbox Game Bar (including gamebarpresence.exe, RGB controllers, etc), Google Chrome) MSI Afterburner + RivaTuner (On/Off) DOCP RAM overclock (On/Off) (3600vs2666MHz, timings auto change as well). Tried multiple versions of both ASUS BIOS and NVIDIA Drivers (both game ready and studio). Loaded games onto an external SSD to see if M.2 was the issue. Multiple versions of Windows tested. High Performance Power plan in control panel. This PC should be more than capable of playing these games without stutters, my 8 year old PC can do this! Due to the current global situation I have spent a large proportion of my time trying to fix this and I am becoming increasingly frustrated and upset (as it feels like I've wasted a lot of money). Due to all the software things I have tried I am starting to think it must be hardware related. Unfortunately I sold all my other PC parts in order to pay for this new PC so I cannot swap them out to isolate the issue. I can't just send the PC back for repair as I shopped around for components (from multiple manufacturers and retailers) and without being able to isolate the specific component It is unlikely that I can claim on any of their warranties. I would be hugely grateful to anyone who could help me work out which piece of hardware it is (or suggest a software fix which I haven't tried already), as I have no qualms about sending it off for warranty repair/replacement (even if it takes a long time - it will provide me with great comfort just to know what the issue is). Thank you very much.
  12. Thanks for your help. I'm using a DP cable. It still doesn't explain why the frame times on RivaTuner statistics OSD graph is showing the spikes in frame time. Wouldn't his only happen if something on the PC is causing it, not the monitor? Thanks
  13. To be fair it isn't a gaming monitor. I usually use my PC for professional work (CAD, Premiere, Photoshop, Blender), but play games in my spare time. I thought it might be my monitor but I am seeing the spikes in frame time on Riva Tuner Statistics graph?
  14. Hi all, I originally posted this in gaming but I think it may be more appropriate here. My specs are: Ryzen 7 3700x GTX1660 Super Asus Prime X570P 16GB Corsair Vengeance 3600mhz (2x 8GB) 500gb sabrent m.2 Corsair CX650M power supply I have been experiencing frame timing issues in CSGO... particularly at high frame rates. I will have really good FPS 280+ consistently but about every 10 seconds or so my frame timings will shoot from 3-4ms to 50+ms for a brief second, resulting in stutter. When I have enabled V-Sync to limit the FPS to 60, the frame time spikes are less extreme and less frequent (staying at 16.7-16.8ms - occasionally spiking to 25-30), but are occasionally noticeable (not just by looking at the RivaTuner overlay). What can I do to troubleshoot this as in a game like CSGO this can be a really big issue? Temps, clock speed, fan speed, CPU speed and temps are all normal, and there doesn't appear to be anything unusual happening in HWiNFO or MSI Afterburner monitor corresponding to the frame timing spikes. Steps I have already tried: Uninstall and reinstall latest Nvidia drivers. Switch off DOCP, returning ram to stock 2666mhz and timings. Tried V-Sync both off and on. Enabling low latency mode in the nvidia control panel (made it worse) Unplugging other devices from the extension lead powering my PC. Tried lowering settings. Is there any chance that my cheapo extension lead could be causing this, giving uneven power deliver (although I thought there were capacitors in the PSU and MB which were meant to mitigate this?)? Any help would be greatly appreciated as this is very frustrating as this PC should be able to easily play this game no problem. Thanks