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  1. The case has 1 x rear 120mm 1 x 90mm side fan Thanks
  2. Thanks for the advice people, i did think it was graphics card upgrade needed but wasn't sure if what would be suitable, The GT 710 only came about after useless advice from local pc repair shop, was only £40 so meh. The Ram is 2 x 8gb sticks I had a look to see if cooling was an issue, when in bios, the CPU has 80ºc-83ºc temp, is that normal? Should i look for a suitable cooling with the bigger graphics card. Thanks guys
  3. PLEASE HELP MY SON!!! Hi Guys & Girls, I need help with my sons pc. My son is 12 years old and has autism. He lives trains all day, everyday. A big part of his day is Train Simulator. He plays on his pc i bought him from ebay a year ago but is not running at a decent frame rate and crashes often which causes him great distress. I have basic knowledge of computers but with my basic know how i cant figure out what is wrong and what it needs. I have attached a screenshot showing what hardware the pc has. Ram is DDR3 1600Mhz Not sure if processor is good enough, not sure what processor i coup upgrade to, With an upgrade to graphics card would this be enough, i need to work on a minimal budget as money is tight, but any advice would be appreciated. Thanks people.