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  1. Wrong title guys sorry.... I don't know how to change the topic's title LoL
  2. I've tried connecting the pc with VGA cable . The same thing happened . I want to mention that when I plugged on the monitor my ps4 , ps3 and a DVD all where displayed as they should be . Just now I tried connecting the PC to my main TV and everything looks ok . The colors are as they should be . I connected it using the same cables , first with HDMI and then with VGA. Everything looks fine . So I believe it is a monitor's fault. I also doubled checked if the colors were fixed after trying it to my main TV as I said .Nothing changed the colors looked the same on the monitor. I suppose it is solved....
  3. I don't have it but I've tried multiple cables
  4. I've uploaded some pictures of the screen it's not only the scaling . It's like the pc is drunk ...
  5. Hello! I have a pc with the following specifications: - Intel core i7 6700k (not ocerclocked) - msi Z170A SLI PLUS - corsair cx650m - 2 x corsair vengeance lpx ddr4 3000mhz - corsair hydro series H60 - sapphire r7 360 2gb I've had this pc for about 3 years. Till now it never had any kind of problem . Today when I turned it on the colors where very weird . They are very greenish and the program icons are like misplaced in some parts of the screen . I really can't explain it better . First I thought the monitor had a problem .But then I just turned on the ps4 I had and everything was ok . So it's definitely not monitor problem. So then I tried removing the GPU and restart the pc with the CPU's integrated gpu . It didn't to anything to the colors , it was exactly like before . Then I removed the ram and blew a little bet on the connection (the same with the gpu ) .I also tried another HDMI cable . Nothing changed . If someone could help me with this I would really appreciate it!Thank you