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  1. I want to game and stream at 1080p 60 fps simultaneously, what settings should I be using for a seamless experience.
  2. I've seen a lot of guys using 60hz monitors with Powerful GPUS, again Is Screen tearing a necessary issue If I don't turn on V-Sync?
  3. Would CoolerMaster ML240L RGB be good for r7 3700x without manual Overclocking?
  4. Which AIO did you purchase and how it is performing?
  5. Budget is not an issue I just want it to be a 240mm one and I am from India. And My case is MSI Forge 100M. Are you sure that stock cooler would handle the load of streaming and gaming for long hours without reducing the performance?
  6. Which is the best performing AIO for Ryzen 7 3700x ?Don't suggest me those beefy Air coolers from Be Quiet or Noctua they won't fit into my case and I don't want to go with the stock cooler either because I'll be doing a lot of Streaming along with Gaming for long hours, thus I reckon Wraith Prism won't be able to handle it for thse longer durations.I won't be overclocking it manually I just want the AIO to let me do whatever I want with my CPU for long hours without compromising on performance.Kindly Suggest me some
  7. Thinking of getting Deepcool GamerStorm Assassin 3 for my Ryzen 7 3700X, How well can It serve me?
  8. I asked for CoolerMaster ML240L, how much would this cooler allow me to overclock r7 3700x?
  9. How much will I be able to overclock r7 3700x with ML 240L?
  10. Will this cooler be enough for r7 3700x running at stock clocks? I won't be overclocking. Initially I was going to use the stock cooler itself but I read somewhere that after heavy loads wraith prism starts to thermal throttle and under clocks itself that's why I thought of using ML240L would this be enough for prolonged gaming sessions at stock speeds?
  11. Then why did they mention stock speed to be only 3.6 GHz? Why don't all the cores run at stock 3.6 GHz without oc?
  12. When I would get my hands on the r7 3700x what would be it's clock speed?
  13. How would the r7 3700x go with the MSI B450M Pro VDH Max? Can It's VRM Handle r7 3700x at stock clocks?