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  1. Thanks for moving me to the correct forum?? (I'm new around these parts) I have tried to reinstall my drivers on my GPU with no luck. This is the hardware I'm running if that makes things a little easier... CPU - Intel Core I7-7700K GPU - Nvidia GeForce GTX1080TI Aorus 11GB SSD (Running my Operating system) - Kingston SSD A400 240 GB Operating System - Windows 10 Home RAM Installed - 16GB Using 2 Monitors, 1 @ 4K(Main Monitor) and the other @ 1080p (Sitting Portrait to the right(Second Screen)) Thanks for any future replies
  2. Browser, version and OS: Windows 10 What happened? Some application go blurry, however it looks more like the screen is cracking and pixels are dying Screenshots of the issue, if applicable: Video has been Provided https://youtu.be/WFTn3HDWAIY Any other relevant details: Only happens on certain application e.g Doesn't happen on Spotify or my Internet Browser (Edge 2.0)