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  1. Thanks for your advice, I may consider a cooling pad.
  2. It's a pity that due to no hole/vent in the bottom area the usual cooling pad will not be helpful. For this reason, I want to attach 2 fans in the rear (please read the above reply of mine).
  3. I think I may not be able to do drilling. And I want to attach the fan in a way that 1 fan help flow the air into the chasis (maybe be attached 90 degrees in front of the intake vents) and the other help to suck the air out (again, 90 degrees in front of the exhaust vents)
  4. But i wonder, does it aid to the stock fan? The stock fan cools the heatpipe. Isn't suck the air out (with better airflow than the stock) helpful? Furthermore, there is no fan on the intake side so the airflow is based on "air pressure" (cold air take space of the exhaust hot air). By bringing more air into the chasis, I think it would help the cooling and such. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
  5. Unfortunately the hole chasis is made of plastic so put some extra heatsinks won't do much thing. Plus I do not have bravery to cut out a hole. I made a guess that the current cooling solution of the laptop providing too little of airflow. So my idea is to mimic the Desktop PC cooling solution.
  6. The thing is that, my area ambient temperature usually lies in the range of mid to high 30s (34C and above), so using the air conditioner will cost a big amount of money. I wonder if using the "2 fan" solution would do something to the system because when doing that, basically I mimic the cooling solution of a regular desktop PC. (one fan cooling the CPU/GPU and some fan to take in or take out the air)
  7. The reason why I post in general discussion is because my issue related to so many topic that I have no idea where to put it in. I have a pretty much commercial 15 inch laptop ASUS Vivobook : X510UQ-BR748T. Basically it has 4c/8t i5-8250U with a 940MX dGPU, one HDD, one M2. SSD and 8GB RAM (2 sticks). Not a beast but still come in strong enough for my demand. Recently, I cleaned the laptop myself and gave it a underclock treatment. I mainly use 3 software: ThrottleStop, Cinebend R20 and Heaven to support the benchmarking and underclocking. I only bother the CPU performance in R20 because when I hit the system hard (taxing both CPU and GPU), it will throttle no matter what I do because of the one-fan cooling system. The multi-core score (before cleaning, without underclocking) in R20 is ~560. Thermal throttled as many as it can. All-core turbo max was about 1.4 GHz. I clean it, underclock to -95mV (still stable), give it some Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut, the multi-core score is now ~1300. The ambient temperature was 26C at that time, early in the morning when the temperature is still low. The system run smoothly, hit a all-core turbo at 2.7 Ghz, with the temperature of 93C. Sometimes it reach 96C but not for long. With the score above the average score of i5 8250U, I call it a success. Now I want it to run cooler than this by having more airflow. I have 2 idea: 1. Swap the current fan for a better compatible fan (a very hard task). 2. Duct-tape 2 desktop fans, one blow cool air in and the other suck the hot air out. And those are my question: 1) Is there any way to change the default fan to something else that similar but perform better? Like to stick a ZenBook fan into it. 2) Do you think my second idea is suitable in this case? If not what I may need to do? 3) Tell me your idea if you have one. Extra information: the ambient temperature usually in the range of mid to high 30s (35C to 40C). I don't use the air conditioner. Thanks you in advance.