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  1. Brill, at the minute I am not looking to drop loads of cash, but I will want to upgrade in the future. What processor, ram etc?
  2. Hi All, So I am wanting to build my first PC. To be clear I have had loads of PC's in the past , all pre-built and essentially ready to go. I am an XBox gamer and not really into the whole PC gaming thing. What I need is a PC that is future proof, and can have components either swapped out due to a fault or to upgrade in the futrue. I need a system that I can do programming with as well as general web surfing. I do a lot of Auto Cad 3D design and photo editing. At the minuet I am running a Raspberry Pi 4B, which is a great little unit, but as it is light weight I need something with a full set up so I do not get restricted on full programs. In advance THANK YOU!.