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  1. Thank you i decided to go with a 1660 super graphics card instead
  2. how many watts do i need? Pc: 16gb ram b450-f rx 5700 tuf asus ryzen 3600 480gb ssd 3 case fans
  3. i was tinking of buying 3 pin asus rog led strip and i have the b450-f rog mob.It has a 4 pin aura rgb header. So would a 3 pin work on it?
  4. *Currently building a pc* 24 feb 2020


  5. Of course but i mean of what the max that mob can output. But isn't the cpu better than the gpu can performe since the graphics is the most important.
  6. ok thanks. But the only thing is that im worried since the specs that it can output. Since its not all about Bios. I can't run the best cpus like threadripper on a cheap mother board. so thats what im worried about. Because its older than the 3 gen ryzen. But it has less cores though so it shouldn't be a problem. Right?
  7. Thank you. I have just done a post about the ryzen 3 gen on the b450-f motherboard. So im kinda worried about getting the 3600X since it isn't made for it. It does have the 3000 ryzen ready. So ill see. But still thanks alot
  8. Hello everyone. So heres the thing, I have bought all my pc parts accept the cpu and ram. As i have seen the ryzen 3600X works with the rox strix B450-f gaming mother board. Here is something to note, it does have 3000 ryzen desktop ready. But would it still work since its not made for it. Or should i get a 2 gen ryzen? My specs: Rog strix rx5700 32gb 3600 mhz ram B450-f mob 850 watt power supply 1tb ssd corsair spec-06 case Thank yall for any answers.
  9. Hello, Thank you. I have a b450-f that i bought I will go for 3600 mhz 32gb ram since i will use the ram a lot. The 3600 was only 30 - 40 € more than 3200 so i will go with the 3600 mhz one. Right now i have a 60 hz monitor but i will of course upgrade to a 144 hz monitor So i had all the pc parts just that i bought a bundle. And of course it came broken. Thats my luck. But otherwise my dad who knows building pc's he helped me. And they confirmed that it was broken so it wasn't my fault. It was the manufacture. So when my parts come i will build it as normal. Since everything worked accept that something was wrong in the bundle. Building a pc wasn't that hard to be honest.
  10. Like starwars b2 but other modern games would be nice to know too
  11. I actually did or more like my dad. He has built many pc a in hos life so he helped me. It was Done just that the bundle was broken by shipping so like other wise he will help me