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  1. That is quite what i thought. RAM is supposed to work in any MB specified to fit certain type and speed. no matter what manufacturer.. Well, i sadly sold the second pair after not being able to post with 4 sticks in. But it leaves me with the conclusion, that either my MB or the CPU does have a malfunction. is that what it looks like to you as well? Leaves me with my 3rd issue: having demanding games on highest sttings will cause either the game and smetimes my complete card to crash (i wasn't specific in the post above) sometimes i can't get any output from the card anymore and have to hard-reset my pc.. i tried any ctrl+alt+del pr alt+f4 and waiting for literally an hour with no success.. only solution is not enabling any "overclock" in the radeon software. not even choosing the game-option, which enables anti-lag, image sharpening and advanced sync. I'm quite pissed about that since this is none the less a 450.- card in my area
  2. ah, now i get it ! well then, thanks for your advive. just out of curiosity: where is that information?
  3. alright. well, my board only has dual-channel. i'm not trying to have quad-channel i'd be upgrading to Corsair Vengeance RGB 4x8. but i don't want to buy them, as long as i don't know why the vengeance LPX didn't work..
  4. oh wait. i missunderstood you. I checked, and yes you were right. it doesn't support quad channel.. but still, you can buy these ram sticks in pairs of 4. so i don't see any issue, since i'm not running it in quad channel mode. I just did update it again. actually I'm second-guessing wether or not the last bios update was succesfull. Should that potentially fix my issue Nr. 3 as well? well i'll be at least trying that out first.
  5. I could leave the stock brackets on the board. i only clipped the cooler on top As far as I am aware i should be able to run any 2 pairs of memory in dual channel. I may be really wrong but i've read that you just need to have the same amount of memory per channel for it to work. (which is why i tried putting each one old and one new ram stick per channel)
  6. I'm running a LC-Power Cosmo Cool with a 120mm fan
  7. Yes, i missclicked the first. it is now finished
  8. Well, I did about 2 months ago. didn't help.. should I do it again?
  9. I'm running following setup: ASUS ROG STRIX B450-F AMD Ryzen 7 2700 (Tower cooled) Corsair Vengeance LPX 2x8GB 2400 Sapphire Radeon RX 5700 XT Kingston A400 480 GB SATA SSD 8 year old Samsung 500GB SSD (i can't remember properly / boot device) and I've got 3 actual issues: 1. Every now an then the motherboard won't recognize my boot device- requires me to enter the bios and re-select it. - I'm assuming my old SSD beeing the problem here. so that'll be replaced shortly 2. I wanted to upgrade to 32GB of RAM so I bought another pair of Corsair Vengeance LPX 2x8GB 2400. But i can configure it any way i want, i won't post with all 4 in there. I've notced, that the 2 pairs aren't actually from the same version (i only bought 3 months apart). but that shouldn't be an issue in my opinion: A1 old / A2 new / B1 old / B2 new. As long as I only put 2 sticks in, everything works just fine (doesn't matter which pair or which slots) 3. When using minimal Overclocking on the CPU, the GPU or the VRAM (with the Radeom Software) my more demanding Games start crashing when I put them on really higher settings. (the newer Battlefield 1, Black Ops 4) I'm thinking of upgrading, and the see how many of the issues still exist: Am I going in the right direction? Or is there maybe something completely wrong with my setup? or am I missing proper BIOS settings (i really don't know much about all the BIOS settings, so I'm guessing that could solve some Problems) I'd buy following upgrades: Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro (4x, 8GB, DDR4-3200) Crucial P1 (1000GB, M.2 2280) Thanks for any advice! cheers