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    Behind u
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    Computers and cars


  • CPU
    R5 2600
  • Motherboard
    Gigabyte b450m gaming x
  • RAM
    crucial balistix 16gb @ 3200mhz
  • GPU
    Rx 570 4gb
  • Case
    Corsair carbide
  • Storage
    445 go hdd
  • PSU
    500w evga 80+white
  • Display(s)
    1080p 60hz monitor
  • Cooling
    Stock wraith spire air
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 pro 64x

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  1. I want to reinstall windows on my hard drive but I have my steam games on it. When I reinstall windows can I reinstall steam then just re download my games from my steam library or do I have to pay for it again. sorry if this has been asked many times I am bit of noob when it comes to steam games
  2. What gpu do u have and it’s fine to just blow it with air but don’t shoot high psi air or It will damage ur card
  3. I would say to just upgrade even 720p vids with a 1030 and a dual core cpu would be choppy even for games
  4. No you might want to go with a 600w,are you going to overclock
  5. You could go with a regular SATA 1tb ssd and yes there are cases that are silenced for Les than $100
  6. The gpu is a bit bad if u have a $1200 budget maybe buy like a RTX 2060 or a 2060 super so u don’t have to upgrade later
  7. Check if the ram is bad and they have to be spaced out 1 slot if u have 2 sticks of ram. If they are broken sell the i7 and move onto amd imo they offer better price too performance. Also try clearing cmos on both and doing hard resets
  8. Well you could make a cheap gaming pc and sell it. Can u tell me the specs
  9. are there any ways to mount the amd wraith stealth cooler without a backplate. I got my mb used and he didn’t give me the backplate any help is appreciated
  10. Thanks a lot guys was really worried
  11. I was building my pc and I realized that my 24 pin mb connector had a missing contact thing it had nothing in it. is it normal for 24 pin connectors to have this? any help is appreciated
  12. I tried the gt 710 It was garbage I don’t recommend it go for the 1030