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  1. try to not use the XMP profile, im also having this issue when trying to boot up from a new x570 tuf gaming plus wifi that i got a week ago, many people have been saying that the latest bios update 1405 and 1404 are causing a lot of issues from trying to boot as well. just a back story, i had the non wifi edition of this motherboard and had this issue when i updated to the latest bios update, went to micro center and had them run a thorough test of the system and everything turned out fine according to them the mother board was faulty. bought a new motherboard and im still having issues. ive tried everything from going back to 1404 to having a clean os installation.either way im still trying to seeing if just turning off xmp solves this issue, good luck with your mobo issue (some reddit posts having the same issue)
  2. were you able to solve this? cause i just installed a new MOBO and im still getting similar issues as you, my guess it has something to do with the PSU?
  3. I was having a similar problem with my Asus tuf x570 Mobo,went to micro center and was told my MOBO was failing, but once I had a replacement one, the problem was still there, the way I solved this issue was going into the bios and turning off fast boot and uninstalling Asus ai 3, turns out many people have problems with the Asus ai program and asus armory crate either that or its due to the latest bios update.
  4. Recently I've been having a boot issue where sometime the pc boots up fine, but then there are other times were it doesn't boot up at all while everything is turned on,(all the fans and rgb are all on) I've tried everything from reseating the ram to clearing cmos, I was wondering if anyone any ideas to what's going on. Asus x570 tuf mobo ryzen 3700x g skill 8x2(3200) msi 2070 super ventus OC samsung on 1tb nvme p.s ive recently went to micro center to perform a diagnostic test and everything passed except one test for the GPU, but the guy said its normal due to it being an older software running, since the test turned out to be fine I was still getting the issue at home and returned to micro center where one of the technicians said the GPU is cause, now I'm not sure what to believe in at the moment.