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  1. So I notice I get better temp when I just set every fan and CPU fan to full speed always rather than use smart fan setting But the cons is it's more noisy...but will it damage my PC? If it's not then I won't have a problem with the noise since I can get like 55-65 celcius on my CPU but if I use smart fan setting, my CPU temp is above 75-80 celcius when play game
  2. Hey man it works wonder...I bought a new fan in front case above my old fan so there are 2 fan in the front and my CPU temp is 55-62 celcius while playing demanding game
  3. Well a new cheap $5 fan did the job lol I bought another casing fan so I have 3 casing fan total and I see big improvement...50-60 celcius while playing Shadow TR now!! Thanks for the input guys
  4. So usually it show blue color but nowadays it show red color...my PC still work fine, but I'm just curious...is there a problem on PC when this happen?
  5. Yes there is on the top but the cable fan is too short....seriously why they make the cable fan too short smh There is not a dedicated CPU FAN header near the CPU? It's not a cpu fan but casing fan...the one on the front case
  6. Can plug it in anywhere there? The fan cable is so short....can't reach sys_fan on the upside Wondering if I can just plug it there?
  7. Those "black wire" is hard to move even if i remove the screws...
  8. Im confuse with this one How to open that one?
  9. I buy this PC prebuilt...the case name is Cube Gaming Iklo...the front case looks complicated to remove
  10. So basically I need to dismantle the front case body to be able to tighten fan with the screws..but I can't remove the front case body. Any tips to tighten the fan without the screws? I'm thinking to use 4 of this, you think it will hold?
  11. Ok so my english wasn't that good...if what you mean with "knot" is the thing that usually used to wrap cable that is too long then no, I already remove it...Im not at home atm, maybe I will take another picture later on
  12. So the fan cable is like this and it's quite short....I buy this online and ask the owner, he said it can be extended up to 30 cm, and I ask how and he haven't reply for a while now Any of you guys know how to extend this?