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  1. Hello, I have this https://iiyama.com/gl_en/products/g-master-g2530hsu-b1/ monitor 1080p freesync with a range of 40hz-75hz. And I have this amd rx 590 https://www.sapphiretech.com/en/consumer/nitro-rx-590-8g-g5-oc_c gpu. While I play with freesync I cap the games at 72fps or just 60fps for some single player games, and I have a very very random black screen for a 1 second, the audio doenst cut, cracked or something, just the screen goes black. Its so random that I cant even force the issue myself, I have to be playing and will be happening at sometime. For example, yesterday I was playing during 3 hours to Borderlands 3 on freesync and didnt get any black screen, and today after been playing for an hour I get one black screen, and I also only get on black screen, even after long gaming session I never got 2 black screens, but it always happen at least one very random. I have found people with similar issues, but they had a lot of black screen and continuous, but I just have one random at sometimes, so to me its something rarely. I have tested freesync over hdmi and its happen, differents hdmi cables and happen, I didnt test a different displayport cable, but since over hdmi still happen I am afraid to get an expensive displayport cable and still happen, also I tested differents drivers version. I tried to increase freesync range with cru to 30-75hz, the panel can handle, even activate lfc, but the random black screen still happen, also on amd display configuration displayport I increased voltage swing and pre-emphasis to 2, and still happen. If I disable freesync for games, I dont have any other issue with this monitor, but tearing at any fps. So I dont know what to do, its a monitor issue? Or still drivers? Or something else? What do you think? Thank you.